Pros and Cons of Concierge Care

There isn’t a country with a perfect healthcare system because it is a business like any other and people that can afford it will get better service. A long time ago, concierge medicine was the main type where physicians are paid upfront and they come to you when you need them. Time has changed but still, in some situations, it’s best to have someone always available.

For some people, it is an exclusive service that they can’t afford. It has its advantages and disadvantages like every business. The fee that you pay monthly will differ depending on the service and the clinic but if you have health problems, it is best when you have someone available 24/7. A lot of professional look at it as something you can have besides primary health care because the services they offer are limited.

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Focused on Patient

You can expect that you have a lot of patients during the day when you work in a hospital. The problem is when the number is so high that you can’t remember every patient and you always need to check their background. One of the advantages of concierge care is that you as a medic will have a better paycheck and fewer patients which mean you will have more time for the ones you have.

If you are the one that needs this type of care then you should know that they will know much more about you then people in the hospital. When the doctor gets to know you, they will react faster when something goes wrong which improves your chances of getting better. Time is crucial in medicine so you should always think more about it then the price.

Better Billing Process

In the era when you need to use technology for everything you do, we tend to look for alternatives that will save time. For this type of medical care, you are being charged an upfront fee which can vary depending on the service. It means that you can pay upfront to bypass the collections and billing procedures that every hospital requests. You can have a number of visits per month and just pay a monthly fee. That fee is collected once and you are secure for the whole month.

Improved Reputation for Doctors

A lot of patients have some kind of relationship with primary care doctors. But the problem is when they need to separate them from others that need help more. The approach they have has to change depending on the patient. There was a study that showed how patients that are sicker will be more satisfied because they will get more attention than healthier patients.

When it comes to the concierge model, every patient gets the same treatment. They are very focused on comfort and making their patients feel satisfied. This can easily boost the reputation and image the community has about someone. In this state, patients will rather approach proactively which can be very beneficial if some problems need to be prevented on time.


The reason why most people decide to use concierge health care as something on the side is that the insurance policies won’t cover the cost of concierge care. This is why you should have a health savings account. It can be very expensive and you need to have something that will cover these expenses.

You need to get well-informed about your employment situation and speak with your insurance agent. There are many policies you don’t know about because you lack knowledge so getting informed is the key here. If you have a savings account then this problem doesn’t matter and your insurance will focus only on primary care. Read more on this page.

Patient Expectations

The majority of people can’t afford gold-plated concierge arrangements so they have to stick with their primary care. Because they have more time for the patients and they know more about them, that can be an advantage and disadvantage. The patients that have the privilege to have this kind of service think that they can call the physician at any time.

If their call is sent to voicemail, they usually react badly and think that their service isn’t good enough. The expectations are very high when it comes to these private services. They also expect some unrealistic health benefits which aren’t possible. The years of bad health decisions got them in a bad state which a doctor can’t fix that easily. So, even if you have 24/7 care, it doesn’t mean that the benefits will be that large.

If you are a physician, it can also affect you in a negative way. The job gets stressful when patients aren’t satisfied. That is why patients need to be informed on time about what they can expect and what their health care includes. Their needs should be established based on their health state, not on their requests.

Ellen Cone