Results of Steroid Dosages

Monitored doses of steroids have also proven to ease off pain and complete recovery in conditions like arthritis, mostly the exact doses of steroids are injected by medical practitioners or Doctors in the area where inflammation is severe which are reported to ease pain in short period of time by many patients, who have undergone the steroid treatment. Doses of steroids given orally to treat specific inflammatory areas are proven to be ineffective as the delivery of steroid dose to problem area is uneven.

However, steroids are given orally in some conditions where joints are severely destroyed and injecting the problem area has no benefit, on the other hand steroid is orally given to patients who are taking blood thinners as injectable steroids results in excessive bleeding in problem area. Grab more knowhow before starting on a bottle of 200mcg/ml liquid Clenbuterol dosage.

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Medical practitioners normally prescribe androgenic steroids in patients suffering from conditions like abnormally low level of testosterone or body wasting conditions like cancer, AIDS and few other similar kinds of diseases are proven to be more effective to gain stability while treating the above conditions. Whereas, anabolic steroids are prescribed in the cases of muscle tears mostly caused in the cases of excessive weight lifting & excessive muscle stretching which are mostly common in sports men.

Side effects of steroids:

Excessive intake of steroids without medical supervision lead to irreversible conditions, as excessive intake hinders the regular or normal function of glands i.e., normal secretion of hormone and may lead to disastrous irreversible condition of human body. Gaining excessive weight rapidly, unusual mood swings which mostly include aggressive behaviour, acne are most common signs of side effects.

            Excessive usage of androgenic steroids results in suppression of natural secretion of testosterone, which may decrease the size of testicle usually called atrophy, low sperm count, infertility, baldness in male human body. On the other hand, in females excessive usage of androgenic steroids result in deeper voice, change in menstrual cycle and increased unwanted hair production.

            Unmonitored usage of steroids results in direct effect on organ or damage of organs like increased number of sebaceous glands resulting in acne, liver cancer, stretching of heart muscle resulting in lower pumping ability, usually called as cardiomyopathy leading to death due to heart failure, aggressive psychiatric behaviour or depressive behaviour due to excessive steroid intake.

            It is also proven that, the usage of steroids in adolescents has hindered their growth and stopped gaining utmost maturity resulting in many other side effects causing premature deaths and weakened immune systems.

Many of the sports men are on news headlines stating to have steroid before performing and fail the doping tests. Anabolic steroids are mostly misused by sports personnel to gain muscular advantage resulting in temporary boosting of power, it is also learnt from various newspapers that most of the college students misuse these steroids as they are addictive in nature and that is why these steroids are used legally with attentive and medical supervision.






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