Scenario of Treating Cancer Is Not as Before

Human Intelligence had always endeavored to take refuge in prevention as once the enemy gets a foothold, it is tougher. If the struggle is with cancer, it is undoubtedly further tougher. This had prompted many medical scientists to bring out some vaccine, which would resist the growth of cancer cells in human body. The dedicated hard labour of several years has built up optimism as the immune system might be enhanced by creating antibodies to fight out cancer cells.

Similar Virus Vaccines Attack Cancer Cells

Vaccination would attack tumours quite in the same manner as it works out in the case of viruses. Genetic RNA codes are obtained from the cancer cells and are put in the bloodstream of the sufferer. To begin with, three patients have been observed so far with the insertion of RNAs into their smallest unit of fats. The Same response was observed in all the three patients. For some obvious reasons, mice are our primary workers to which it was applied first, and after a successful observation, it has been inserted in the human body. One of the prominent scientific journals has claimed this event of successful experiment.

The Observation on Three Patients

The three patients on whom the experiment has been done are

  • The first has enlarged tumour on his lymph node have reduced in size after vaccination
  • After the surgical operation, the second patient is having no signs of cancer after seven months of vaccination
  • Eight tumours have grown in the third patient and went on to attack lungs from skin are seen stable after other medication

Keep the Hope Alive

A person gropes around in confusion when one is not aware of the fact hence proper knowledge, and persistent confidence is required to fight out cancer.  

Ellen Cone