Selfies and Surgery

The cost of the perfect picture

Selfie culture has been on the rise, and despite Kim Kardashian’s claim that the selfie is dead, the number of young people turning to cosmetic surgery to achieve their ideal look has been steadily climbing. The average age of those opting to undergo surgery has dropped, from 42 to 39, and 15.6 million cosmetic procedures were performed in the USA in 2014.

It’s estimated that a whopping 16 billion dollars was spent on cosmetic surgery in 2016. As large as that figure is, it’s not surprising considering a nose job Sydney could cost you anywhere between five thousand and nine thousand dollars.  

The latest statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons shows that buttock augmentations and implants are among the fastest growing procedures. While requests for treatments such as soft tissue fillers were up by almost 10 per cent, with chemical peels and Botox treatments experiencing similar rises.

It’s not just young women who are going under the knife either. Millennial men aren’t immune to the trend, with young males now making up a growing portion of the market. Nose jobs, “moob jobs” or male breast reductions, and ear pinning making up the most popular procedures in this demographic.

According to experts the rise of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is what is fueling the trend, as people strive to find ways to keep up with the perceived demand to look their best. And, according to the people getting the procedures, social media is a huge part of the reason. The same ASPS study stated that 1 in 3 facial plastic surgeons saw an increase in patients listing social media as a reason when requesting procedures.  

While surgery is a more expensive and invasive form of transformation than say, waxing, dieting or signing up for a Pilates class. That doesn’t mean it’s completely pointless either. Plastic surgery is designed to help boost our self-esteem, in the right situations it can completely change a person’s life for the better.

If you’ve got issues with yourself, then it’s definitely worth finding a way to fix that! If your negative feelings about your appearance are prominent enough to affect the quality of life you’re leading, then don’t be afraid to address them by whatever means you think will work for you, if that means a surgical procedure then that’s fine too. Just as long as you recognize the danger in believing that a cosmetic procedure is some kind of magic, one-stop solution for your inner hang-ups.

It’s natural to want to look your best, but before you take the plunge and book yourself in for a vampire boob job, consider applying a little bit of photographic expertise! Better lighting, a more flattering angle or even a filter can all serve to help you take a picture you’re happy to post. It just might be a cheaper and quicker fix for your selfie self-esteem!


May Capobianco