Shatter: The Best Concentrate

Marijuana concentrates have become trending topics these days and it has spread from state to state. The advent of shatter, a stronger form of marijuana, has even turned the focus of law enforcement authorities towards people who are most likely to use the substance. But you need to learn more about shatter before you decide to use it for recreational purposes or judge it as more dangerous than the rest.

Types of Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrate types differ from textures and consistencies. These undergo a series of processes during manufacture. There are several types of concentrates and they are known as live resin, dabs, errl, wax, oil, and shatter. All of these are extracts from cannabis plants with chemical compounds that consist of CBD and over 80% THC content.

A look at Shatter

To learn more about shatter, let us first take a look at how it appears to the human eye. A shatter concentrate looks like honey with variations in color and transparencies. When warm, consistency is thick and when cold, its consistency looks like a glass that breaks apart when tapped or dropped. That is how it earned its moniker.

This super concentrate has been the subject of speculation by law enforcement agencies where the use of cannabis is not legalized. Using it is just in small quantities due to its potent effect. It comes almost discreet as a small amount can be easily hidden. The absence typical of marijuana is a characteristic not found in the substance so it is hardly detectable.

Even though the amount is small, it can fetch a huge profit via gram quantity sale. Prices may vary based on potency, consistency, location, and quality. Usually, it would fetch between $25 to $100 for a gram. Shatter is not dangerous as other cannabis forms. It’s just a stronger type of marijuana extract.

Experiencing Shatter

Shatter is an ideal option if you are not good at the lingering smell that comes with smoking. During purification process, the terpenes, a characteristic that makes up for the natural smell of marijuana is removed. It also takes away the taste that comes with every puff of cannabis.

Using this concentrate in small doses most especially if you are new to it provides you with a safe passage towards satisfaction. As cannabis is not known to provide you with lethal dosage, it is not advisable to drive while under the influence. Just as driving with any intoxicating substance users are not allowed to. It is best to use where your reflexes are not challenged. Therefore, use it only at home to avoid risks.

Never light up an entire ounce just because it doesn’t lead to an overdose. Start with a very small amount until you get used to its effects. Later on, you will find an appropriate amount best for your liking. Overturning this rule can make you feel terrible so much more if you’re a newbie.

Vaped not Smoked

Shatter is never smoked or eaten. You only have to vape it. Use a vape mod or pen when using shatter. These tools are portable plus usage is very convenient. You just press a button and take a puff. The extract is refined that it just melts and instantly vaporizes. The ones with good quality leave little or no residue at all on the vape. Some users utilize a rig, a contraption similar to a bong. It has a tiny nail with a bowl and using it involves lighting up the nail using a small butane torch. A metal dabber is then used to place a small amount of shatter to the nail from which you would inhale.

With shatter’s growing popularity, high potency and the price that goes with it, some people would still find a way to purchase them and doing that online is easier and more convenient. It is crucial, though, to learn more about shatter prior to your purchase.

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May Capobianco