Short Term Health Insurance: A Blessing

In the present economic circumstances, rising medical expenditure has made health insurance essential. Short term health insurance is the ideal option for people who find themselves briefly without insurance. There may be many reasons like changing jobs or crossing the age that covers them on their parents’ insurance policy. As the name suggests, it is a temporary insurance policy purchased for a short time.

Any serious illness or accident can deteriorate a person’s lifestyle and is enough to destroy life savings. Tragic health problems only are usually covered under a short-term health insurance. The best feature is the low-cost coverage it provides. There are very strict qualifying situations and have lengthy and strict processes for theapplication. Short term health insurance is usually considered by retirees, part-time employed, unemployed and students.

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What does it cover?

Short term health insurance gives you a chance to choose preferred specialist or doctor. It also covers the cost of surgeries, diagnostic tests, prescription drugs, domiciliary hospitalization charges, hospital care charges and follow-up checkups. The short term health insurance policies don’t finance precautionary care. Existing illness or pregnancy and childbirth are excluded. This is one of the sub-limits of the policy.

Things to know before getting one:

  • These policies let you purchase ensure varying from a duration on 1 month to 36 months depending on your necessity.
  • These policies can be stopped anytime without penalty charges.
  • As the coverage is limited, people with existing medical situationmight not be eligible for ashort term health insurance policy. Any health problem occurring unexpectedly under the policy period is covered.
  • There are a lot of websites providing anonline form for the application process. The procedure requires some verification.

Short-term health insurance is a saviorin this expensive charge of health care facilities. A perfect way to deal with the serious accident or illness during life transitions. Though there are some glitches in the coverage, these are just as good as the long term.


Ellen Cone