Should you franchise or license and cannabis business?

It’s not easy if you are in the cannabis business. Crossing your product from different state lines isn’t easy since it’s illegal at the federal level. And rules from different state and municipality vary when it comes to this type of business. But, all hope is not lost for the growing cannabis business. Some businesses have been opting for other options to make the industry work.

Marijuana Business Franchises

Franchising is beginning to increase its pace in the marijuana industry. Although it’s hard to franchise a dispensary business, franchising other cannabis-related businesses aren’t that hard. It is more stress-free for businesses that don’t follow the strict rules that dispensaries have to follow to build a business model and apply it different franchise locations.

Franchising a cannabis business has its benefits such as having an exclusive supply of top-grade products that customers cannot get anywhere else, franchising from a big company that has the knowledge and experience in the about the industry, getting help when it comes to marketing and other amazing benefits.

Due to this marijuana-related business franchise model is definitely growing in popularity.

Beyond Franchising

Of course, aside from franchising, there are other means when it comes to starting a business in the cannabis industry. Marijuana brand licensing is also slowly gaining popularity since marijuana businesses want to create brand recognition and loyalty and also wants to develop a bigger market.

A good example is licensing formulations for infused products to producers in various states which is becoming common among infused product manufacturers. Examples of companies in the US that are engaging in this method are Dixie Elixirs, has been expanding since 2014 and Strainz, based in Nevada.

Understanding Expansion Challenges

Expanding or starting a marijuana business of any kind can be hard but is not impossible. The vital key thing to remember is that you have to fully understand and grasp all challenges when expanding/starting before investing.

Dee Jones