Simple Tips to Keep Your Contacts Clean and Make them Last Longer

Many people prefer contact lenses for their looks, lack of interference with peripheral vision, and more. However, getting the most out of your lenses involves cleaning and storing them properly. This reduces the chance of infection and makes them last longer. Here are some tips for proper cleaning from Andrea Gray, MD PC, a provider of contact lens Roseburg prescriptions:

Master the Basics of Contact Lens Cleaning

  • Start by washing your hands. Cleaning your hands stops the transfer of germs and debris to your eyes when you remove your lenses. It also lets you avoid transferring new dirt to the lenses themselves. Use soap that doesn’t include moisturizers, because moisturizing substances are bad for the lenses.
  • Clean the lenses one at a time. Rub the lens in the palm of your hand along with a few drops of approved contact lens cleaning solution. The FDA recommends rubbing even if the solution claims to be “no-rub.”
  • Rinse each lens. Rinsing is very important. It removes the loosened debris as well as residue from the cleansing product. Rinse for as long as the solution package directs – don’t rush!
  • Put the clean lens in its case. Make sure your case is clean. Fill it with all-new solution instead of just topping up whatever’s already there. New solution is needed to ensure full disinfection power. Leave the lenses in their case for at least as long as the product package says is needed for disinfection.

Making sure to keep your lenses clean ensures that they don’t get a buildup of grit that can make them uncomfortable to wear. It also reduces infection risk.

There are many options for lens cleaning solutions, ranging from plain saline to enzymatic solutions. Talk to your eye doctor to determine which ones are best for your specific lenses and cleaning needs.