Solve Your Breast Problems With These Procedures


Did you know that the breast cancer begins innocent with the small tumor or lump, and sometimes as the calcium deposits in the breast tissue? Genetics, age, and lifestyle can play a big role in the appearance of cancer, and if the doctor had diagnosed breast cancer, some of the treatment procedures will be surgery.

Breast surgery

When it comes to surgery treatment, there are a few options. Depending on the stage of breast cancer, the doctor can remove only the part of the breast tissue that is affected by cancer, or he can remove the whole breast or both breasts. Before you decide to undergo the surgery, take some time to research all the options, and talk with your doctor so that you gather all the information.

When surgery is done, breast cancer surgeon Sydney can also do breast reconstruction. This procedure most women decide to do, sometimes alongside breast cancer surgery or after a few months, even years of breast cancer surgery. During the surgery, the doctor can use implants or your own tissue, usually from the lower abdomen. The goal is to achieve the symmetry between your breasts.

When cancer is gone, you can rely on breast reconstruction surgery

How long you will stay in hospital depends on how good you can tolerate the operation, on the type of surgery you have, and on your general health. If you have, for example, lumpectomy, you will most probably recover the same day and you will be able to go home. If you have a mastectomy, probably you will have to stay in the hospital for one or two nights.

Breast lift

If your breasts are becoming limp or they tend to sag, you can consider breast lift surgery. Besides the breast tissue that the surgeon is dealing with, he will also do the reposition of your nipples. He will put nipples higher on the chest wall, so you will get well-shaped breasts. The procedure is done under general anesthesia, and it usually takes around three hours.

You can consider putting the implants alongside breast lift procedure

When you decide to undergo this procedure, make sure to find a good surgeon who will explain to you in detail how the procedure looks like and what can you expect during the recovery period. Some women decide to get breast implants alongside the breast lift, so the results will be bigger and firmer breasts. This procedure is usually on an outpatient basis, which means that there is no overnight stay.

When you are preparing for the surgery, consult with your surgeon and set your goals. You could also bring some photos to show what you want, and you can see some examples after the surgery at The surgeon will describe what are the options for you and he will consider your health.

Final word

Plastic surgery has developed much, and it’s still making progress so the results will be close as possible to a natural look.