Steps to Follow to Apply Nail Polish Perfectly

Applying nail polish on your hands is one of the tricky endeavors. Having consistent manicure from salon would be fantastic, but sometimes it isn’t budget friendly. Getting a smooth and a clean manicure can be difficult to achieve at a salon, but if you have the right preparation of nails, and a good nail polish, you end up getting a professional look of your nails. This would last at least for a week.

Steps to make your nails look prettier

Below are some steps that would let you apply the nail polish perfectly on your nails.

  • File your nails: Begin beginning to paint your nails, it’s important to create a shape by trimming and filing them. You can trim them to the length you want and smooth out the edges. When you file your nails, keep in mind to file the nails in one direction. If you file them back and forth, it’ll lead them to split and peeling. File them gently.
  • Buff them to achieve a polished look: If you want to achieve a polished look, use a four-way buffer and move it in an X pattern. Don’t make over-buff, this creates a friction that leads to building up of heat. Your nails become weak because of this.

    • Don’t cut your cuticles: When you visit a salon, there are a number of artists who cut or trim your cuticles to give your nails a nicer appearance. Usually, cuticles work as a barrier that protects your nails from damage. You just have to clean and moisturize them.

    • Clean your nails using the Rejuvacote product: Before you apply nail polish on your nails, clean your nails properly and remove the excess of moisture using the Rejuvacote product. You can easily buy this product from and use it as a base coat before applying nail polish on your nails. This would give a smooth base to your nails and let your nails grow faster.

    • Pick the nail paint having a good quality: After applying the Rejuvacote, layer up your nails good quality of nail polish as the nail polish you use is the key to achieving the well-manicured nails. Not only, it’ll also last for a long time and provide an even coating to your nails.

    • Must add a layer of top coat: Once you’re done with applying nail polish on your nails, you’ll need a top coat to be applied. This will let your nail polish last longer. Keep in mind that you apply the top coat only when your nails are dry. If you want to learn that your nails are dry but you don’t want to touch them, simply swipe a layer of top coat in one direction.

    • Dry the nail polish faster and touch to check: If you’re in a hurry and want to dry your nail polish faster, dip your nails in the ice water.
    Final thoughts
    If you apply the nail polish following the proper steps let your nails grow faster and also strengthen them. If you apply the Rejuvacote solution that you can easily buy from You’ll enjoy the look of your well-manicured long and strong nails.


Dee Jones