Stress and Its Medications

Our body is quick in responding to changes. These responses could be mental, physical and emotional. It can happen for different reasons – a job transfer, loss of family member, break-up, abortion, accident, excessive loans etc. It is a part of our life and usually because of work pressure or personal issues with friends, family or other people.

For those who are dealing with stress at work because they are unable to work actively or stay awake because of change in work shifts should use a generic medication known as Modalert. This is a wondrous medicine that will help you stay alert and deal with fatigue.

What is Stress?

Since it demonstrates as a function of the brain and body there are medications which can be used to control it or prevent it. No specific medicine can be mentioned for stress but depending on the reason of stress and the level of stress the person is undergoing the physician may prescribe different medications. These could be anything from anti-depressants to sedatives.

People who are using medication to deal with stress usually get used to it. If precaution is not taken the patient may have to deal with several health problems. Most medicines prescribed for stress have possible side effects. Medications for stress should be taken only after seeing a doctor. A prescription from a licensed physician is a must.

Here are Some Medications that are Usually Prescribed by Physicians for Stress:


Sedatives work by slowing down the activity of our CNS or Central Nervous System. This helps in relaxing the brain and spinal cord which further reduces anxiety and causes sleepiness.

Risks – Excessive intake can cause reduced judgment, impaired ability to walk, garbled speech and decelerated reflexes. Always remember to take the exact prescribed power of the medicine as per the prescription of your doctor to avoid these health problems.


These types of medications are prescribed to people who are undergoing a major depression treatment. They can also help people to deal with anxiety and can be prescribed to people dealing with stress. Medications that work at the neuronal level of the brain are given to the patients. The neurons present in the spinal cord and brain usually communicate with each other through neurotransmitters and one of these is known as Serotonin. This neurotransmitter makes the brain vulnerable to anxiety and depression. Thus doctors prescribe medicines that help in increasing the levels of Serotonin to lower the anxiety and better the mood of the patient.

Risk – Although most of the anti-depressant medicines are not addictive they may cause dry mouth, nausea, sleep disturbance, dizziness etc. Consult your doctor on how to deal with such side effects if you face any.

Beta Blockers

Beta blockers are actually medications prescribed to patients with heart conditions and blood pressure. But doctors also use them to treat people who are suffering from stress. Beta-blockers hinder the action of hormone and neurotransmitter norepinephrine in the heart muscle and arteries. This action widens the arteries and slows down the heart which lowers the force of contraction.

Risks – Some risks in taking beta blockers are a disturbance in sleep, cold feet, and hands, dizziness, impotence, skin rashes, tiredness, wheezing, dry eyes and problems of the digestive tract.

Stress, depression, and anxiety are serious conditions. It can make people suicidal and is known to have caused death to many. Ensure that people who are dealing with extreme stress always have their medication on time. Keep a reliable online pharmacy such as bookmarked in your mobile or computer. The is a trusted website that delivers genuine medicines to your doorstep without delays in shipping.

Dee Jones