Symptoms for Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Till date, a man’s sexual health is a crucial part of his general emotional and physical wellness. Erectile dysfunction, better put as impotence is the inability to get or even to maintain a firm enough erection for a successful sexual intercourse. The condition is a severe problem to the individual as well as to the society. A lot of men who have erectile dysfunction suffer in silence, trying all they can to put up with it and concluding that nothing can be done about it. According to a study in the 2013 Journal of Sexual Medicine, 1 in 4 patients newly diagnosed with erectile dysfunction were under age 40 with almost half of the young men suffering from the ugly condition.


When a man regularly has any or combinations of the following, chances are, he has erectile dysfunction:

  1. trouble with erection
  2. difficulty maintaining erection during sex
  3. loss of or reduced interest in sex

Others are sexual disorders such as premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation or anorgasmia (inability to achieve orgasm after enough stimulation).


As a widespread medical condition, erectile dysfunction can be caused by many things but majorly in the following three causes of development:

  1. Organic- which is brought about by vascular, neurological, hormonal disorders and damage to the penis (the cavernous body)
  2. Psychogenic- brought about by the central suppression of the method of erection without a necessary physical trauma
  3. A combination of the organic and psychogenic factors.

Meanwhile, according to urologist in Queens New York, physical factors underlie the majority of the cases of persistent erectile dysfunction in men over 50 years and warrants due medical attention.

In younger men, psychological problems are the most likely reasons for erectile dysfunction with tension and anxiety arising in relationships and difficulties linked to depression, fatigue, stress, personal sexual fears, feelings of inadequacy, among others. Conversely, in older men, the most common causes are the ones that block the flow of blood to the penis, like atherosclerosis or diabetes. Some other vascular cause include faulty vein while physical disorders and hormonal imbalances may also likely result in erectile dysfunction. In addition, the use of alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs can also contribute to the dysfunction.


Erectile dysfunction can be treated on the basis of the underlying cause. Treatments of the condition range from psychological to lifestyle changes, use of medicines, physical and surgery (the last option of course).

Medicines used in the treatment of ED work in apparently the same way, opening up the arteries which supply blood to the penis to fill the erectile tissue. The medication is recommended to be taken about one hour before the much anticipated sexual activity. The drug is fast, thanks to the dissolution of the active substance present as jelly. With that, the drug can act faster than tablets. Also, it is easy to swallow and it offers its users different methods of usage. Meanwhile, alcohol should not be taken with or during the use of Kamagra Jelly because there can be increased risk of side effects.

Ellen Cone