Teeth Whitening – Stains, Stains Go Away!

We all know the phrase, “Smile is one of the first features others may notice about you” – But many of us are unwittingly destroying their pearly teeth and dazzling smile through everyday habits such as drinking too much of coffee, tea, coloured drinks, etc. Here comes the importance of having teeth whitening!

You’ve just invested your hard-earned money in your smile by getting professional teeth whitening treatment from the dentist in Balmain? You might be aware of the fact that – Having white sparkling teeth can boost your confidence and enhance the natural beauty of your smile.  So, it’s your responsibility to take care of your pearly white teeth after teeth whitening to prevent tooth discoloration. Follow the below tips to maintain pearly white for a long time.

There are several foods that can cause tooth discolouration that includes: coffee, wine, tea, and tomato sauce, etc. All these foods should be enjoyed in some moderation, but make sure to pay attention to these particular foods to maintain your new white smile. It’s advisable to brush your teeth once intake stain-causing foods and coloured beverages.

If you can’t able to stay away from coffee, tea and other stain causing beverages, make sure to use a straw. By this, you can keep tint causing dyes away from teeth thus preventing teeth discoloration and stains.

It’s well known that smoking causes oral diseases and most importantly teeth staining. Serious stains caused by smoking can be difficult to reverse, so eliminate tobacco from your lifestyle to keep your teeth bright and healthy.

Be sure to follow the strict oral hygiene schedule! Make sure to brush and floss your teeth within a half hour of each meal to prevent your tooth from discolouration and keep your oral health healthy and hygienic. And also, rinse your mouth thrice a day using anti-bacterial mouthwash to keep your mouth away from bacteria and other germs.

The longer the beverages sit on your teeth, the deeper the staining will be. So, try to carry a toothbrush with you so that you can keep your mouth fresher even after your coffee break.

The above mentioned are few of the important tips to follow to maintain your whiter smile. The teeth whitening tips will also work for other cold beverages that leave stains, such as coco-cola, tea and coffee, red wine and grape juice.

Apart from the above mentioned, get your teeth professionally cleaned! Make an appointment with your Balmain dentist at least twice a year to maintain your teeth healthy and without any stains. Always look for an experienced and certified dentist in Balmain to get a painless and safe teeth whitening treatment.

Keep in mind – taking care of your mouth keeps your whitely smile bright. So eat, drink, and enjoy your favourite foods but make sure to brush and floss your teeth regularly.