The Beginner’s Guide to Steroid Use


If you are thinking about using steroids for the first time, you will have made inquiries about them and heard all sorts of theories about steroid use. This is not surprising considering people feed off sensationalism in just about every field. The best way to get information is to read about it and consult the experts.

This guide aims to provide a beginner with the various terminologies used the use of steroids as well as how to construct a cycle that will be beneficial to you. It also aims to equip you with ways to reduce possible side effects of anabolic use. Additionally, search for more information from steroids center news and other related sources.

  • Steroid Cycle

This is the duration in which you will take your steroid of choice. A cycle can last from four to fifteen weeks depending on the following:

  • The goals you hope to achieve
  • Experience
  • The anabolic compounds

What is a steroid compound?

This refers to the specific steroid drug you will be using. Some compounds you will come across include:

  • Dianabol
  • Winstrol
  • Testosterone Enanthate

The Beginner Steroid Cycle

This entails the use of either a single steroid compound or two over a set period of time. You are a beginner if you have no prior experience in steroid use. However, you have some information concerning steroid use and are willing to begin a cycle. You should consider getting the right training in steroid substances and use before you embark on cycle so as to be fully informed and prepared. In addition, you will be better informed on how to use steroids safely.

Injectable steroids may seem like quite an undertaking especially if you balk at the very idea of needles. However, choosing oral steroids only limits you on the choices of anabolic compounds you can use. This also includes the dosage and cycle duration.

You might be better off going for the injectables which give you a wider variety of compounds such as:

  • Testosterone
  • Sustanon 250
  • Nandrolone
  • Trenbolone

If you flinch at the idea of doing the injections on yourself, you could ask a friend or family member to help you with the first few until you are able to face it. Also, ensure that you learn where the injections should go.

Steroid Compounds for Your Beginner Cycle

Since you are a new user, you may have no clue as to how your body will react to the substances you plan to use. Therefore, find out as much as you can about the compounds, their side effects and whether you may have allergic reactions to any of the compounds listed. It is also advisable to opt for compounds with a short active life in the body, to begin with. This will ensure quick clearance of the steroid from your body if you have adverse effects from it.

The best cycle for a beginner would be the shortest one for starters, and then you can build up to the longer cycles as you gain experience. You might want to avoid the fast-acting compounds such as propionate because the injection of it tends to leave you quite sore. Testosterone is known for its ability to cause rapid strength muscle build up.

The best path to take as a beginner is to search for information from sources such as steroids center blog and other sources so as to be fully informed about the best compounds, to begin with, the best combinations and which cycle would best suit you.