The Benefits of Year-to-Year Alcoholism Recovery

Sobriety carries more than a few unexpected benefits, and today’s alcoholic rehab centers are striving to introduce patients into a healthier, energized world.  Improved health and better reasoning skills, while benefits of recovery, don’t begin to touch upon the massive benefits associated with a cut habit.  Several of these fringe benefits needn’t be acquired over a decade, either.  After only weeks of recovery, the body changes drastically.  Below, we cover several of the benefits alcohol rehab centers want you to know about.

Benefit One: A Better Appearance

You’d be surprised to see what a 1,200-calorie beer deficit looks like.  Studies have repeatedly recorded the positive appearance impacts occurring from sobriety.  Removing toxins from your lifestyle can greatly benefit it, increasing your complexion and metabolism.  While vanity shouldn’t be a primary motivator of sobriety, it certainly doesn’t hurt to look great while kicking a habit.


Benefit Two: A Heavier Wallet

You’ll save quite a lot of money during sobriety, too.  Drinking is an incredibly expensive hobby—one which whittles away the bank account’s digits over time.  While you might’ve rationalized your financial choices in the past, multiple nights out on the town have definitely drained your debit card.  For this reason, a lot of alcohol treatment centers help patients calculate their alcohol-related expenses.  In many cases, several hundreds of dollars, monthly, can be saved by staying sober.

Benefit Three: Better Hydration

Without the constant dehydration of alcohol at play, your body will benefit from a slew of positive changes due to hydration alone.  You’ll experience a drastic reduction in acne, eczema, and even dandruff.  Moreover, you’ll likely experience energy lifts because you won’t be sapped for energy.

Benefit Four: Better Sleep Patterns

After months of sobriety, you’ll experience far better sleep.  A long-time-sober brain is an incredibly efficient sleeper, and it’ll provide incomparable rest for future years.  For this reason, a lot of alcohol rehab centers have structured care provisions around patient sleep schedules—which signal a healthier, collected mentality.

Benefit Five: Heightened Willpower

With more energy, better sleep, and a healthier diet comes heightened willpower.  Your new lifestyle won’t be burdened by chemical imbalances, hours lost sleeping or nutrient loss.  Instead, it’ll be propelled by a sharp mind, a tough wit and an incredible desire to better yourself.

Benefit Six: Physical Strength

There’s a reason professional bodybuilders remove booze from their diets—and it isn’t because of the weight.  Alcohol’s dehydrating effects are long-lasting, and they reduce the body’s ability to lubricate muscle movements.  As a result, overindulgence in alcohol can greatly reduce physical strength.  That said, quitting alcohol can directly increase one’s strength.  This effect doesn’t take long to achieve, either.  In fact, many have reported strength increases in as little as two weeks following sobriety.

Benefit Seven: Lower Blood Pressure

Overindulgence in alcohol raises blood pressure, but sobriety can reverse this effect.  Those suffering from alcoholism frequently express bouts of tremors, excessive sweating, heightened breathing rates and a higher pulse.  Few medical benefits outweigh that of reduced blood pressure, and a lot of individuals have reworked entire health programs around newly-acquired blood pressure health.  Because the sober body isn’t working double-time to cleanse itself, it doesn’t need to compensate its own functions with swift blood flow.

The road to recovery is a long one, but long-term benefits do exist.  Alcohol weakens the body in more ways than one, and removing it from your lifestyle will do amazing things.  It’s important to enlist the help of professional services, however, as recovery can be incredibly challenging.


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Vernon Connelly