Fitness is something that doesn’t require workout only, however, a good diet plays a vital role. People always wish to have quick results which are somehow possible with maintaining a fit lifestyle.  

The questions that are raised frequently include your concern that how long will it take to burn excess calories or reduce body fat? Whilst there are other elements that might affect your situation the simple answer is a balanced diet that can satisfy all your questions. You can also use a health and fitness app to look up for the best trainer or diet plans.

Now, fuel up for optimal results and have a look below at the best food items you should eat before and after your workout to start a healthy and productive day;


Researches have proved that it doesn’t matter if you eat something with empty stomach instead of a full stomach, your body will reduce the same amount of fat. However, the theory says if you work out with an empty stomach you crave a little and that causes the extraction of protein from your organs (kidney or liver) instead of the fat muscles. 

The mechanism draws your muscle mass directly that results in slowing down the process of weight reduction. Also when you exercise with empty stomach your body can’t reach its full potential and you can’t continue your intense training.

Carbohydrates and protein results in fulfilling your body needs. Basically, a conjugated diet of simple and complex carbs can help. It’s also better to snack around and below listen are few food items that you must eat before your next workout session;

  1.   Brown rice
  2.   Black beans
  3.   Boiled sweet potato
  4.   Steamed salted broccoli
  5.   Apple and banana
  6.   Almond butter
  7.   Multi-grain crackers
  8.   Oatmeal 
  9.   Walnuts 
  10.   Whole wheat avocado toast
  11.   Greek yogurt


Whilst exercising, your body muscle releases glycogen which is broken down and consumed in your workout. Continuous workout session requires a lot of strength and energy that makes you really tired. Eating after your workout helps you in restoring all the energy that has been utilized. It helps you build and speed up metabolism.

The quicker you start refueling the better you will feel. Intense workouts for weight loss or weight lifting consumes a lot of energy which ultimately results in weakening your body. It’s good if you plan a diet and pack something to eat after your workout. A fitness app can also help you maintain a day to day diet chart.

According to the latest nutrition report carbohydrates and proteins are best to intake after your workout session to maximize your productivity. Have a look at the meals listed below that benefits your body and keeps you energized all day.

  1.   Protein shake with half banana (protein powder, almond milk, half a banana and hemp of seeds)
  2.   Salad with roasted chickpeas (greens, a dash of olive oil, chickpeas, and vinegar)
  3.   Sautéed or steamed vegetables
  4.   Quinoa with berries and pecans  
  5.   Whole wheat bread with organic peanut butter
  6.   Burrito wrap or brown with beans and brown rice
  7.   Grilled chicken with sautéed vegetables
  8.   Baked salmon with balsamic vinegar
  9.   Omelet with avocadoes and sautéed vegetables
  10.   Tuna sandwich or salad
Ellen Cone