The Best Hair Vitamins for Thinning Hair

If your hair is thinning, shedding or dry and brittle then have no fear, there are lots of natural hair loss solutions that can help!

There are some ingredients which are vital for making sure that your hair can grow at the levels and rates that you need. If you are looking at our hair and wondering where it’s all going, you might want to try and improve your intake of the following vitamins.

We thoroughly recommend this British hair vitamins brand It Really Works Vitamins. It Really Works Vitamins are asuper-strength supplement packed with 22 essential micronutrients including Manganese, Vitamins, A, B, B-12, Biotin, Rosehip, PABA that help to maintain a healthy scalp, and encourage optimal hair growth.

Niacin. Niacin – or Vitamin B3 is a powerful vitamin that helps hair growth. Vitamin B3 helps to make sure that your body is producing enough energy as well as ensure healthy circulation to the scalp. It Really Works Vitamins are packed with 143% of your daily recommended allowance of Niacin

Vitamin AVitamin A is a great solution for preventing hair loss as well as adding shine and healthy moisturised texture to  your hair. Just so you know, It Really Works Vitamins are packed with 188% of your daily recommended allowance of Vitamin A

Folic Acids. Used commonly in many items as Folate or Vitamin B9, Folic Acids are vital to assist in renewing cells for hair growth and can also make sure that your hair is going to keep its natural colour for longer.It Really Works Vitamins contain 100% of your daily recommended allowance of Folic Acid.

Vitamin C: Otherwise known to people as Ascorbic acid, Vitamin C is a major factor for making sure that your hair can protect itself from any free radicals.It Really Works Vitamins are also high in Vitamin C

It Really Works Vitamins are super-charged with 22 vital micronutrients needed for thick, strong hair. As featured in Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness Magazines and trusted by 1000s of guys worldwide.

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Stanley Kessinger