The Best Pets For People Who Have Allergies

About 15% of the US population is allergic to cats and dogs, and if you love your furry little friends, but you are unable to have a pet of your own, look at the list below. There are some pets that do not cause allergies, and if you do decide to take one, make sure to take care of your pet properly with the visits to Gordon Vet Hospital.

An allergy to pets can result in many different ways, from facial pressure and congestion to hives and eczema. If you are caught between an allergy and being an animal lover, there are many of furry friends that do not cause the allergic reactions, and who knows, maybe one pet from the list would suit you.

Dogs and cats make great pets for both adults and children

Dogs you should consider

While there is no such thing as a dog that is completely hypoallergenic, there are a number of different breeds that release and produce less allergen into the air because of their skin and fur composition. Some of these dog breeds are:

  • KerryBlueTerrier – and similar dogs actually do not shed that much dander, which is the reason why some people have allergies.
  • BichonFrisé – is a very small dog breed and they do not shed almost at all.
  • Poodle – is a breed that everyone has heard of, and unlike what many think, they do not shed as much and their fur makes it harder for the dander to reach the air.
  • PortugueseWaterDog – is a breed very similar to the Poodle, in both intelligence and their looks, expect that their coat grows even slower.
  • Bergamasco – breed might make you think that their coat requires a lot of maintenance but that is not actually true, and they are also known not to cause many allergies. If you are interested in how much it takes to take care of a specific breed, then you should visit

Find your perfect kitty

Cats are actually responsible for most of the allergies that caused by pets (domesticated animals), but even with that said, there are some cat breeds that might be suitable for those who suffer from allergies.

  • Cornish Rex and Devon Rex – this cat breed have a very short coat, and with the known fact that cats tend to groom themselves a lot, they are great for allergy suffers.
  • Sphynx – these bald cats are known by everyone already, and they are a great breed for those who have allergies because they do not shed fur at all.
  • Balinese – even though this breed looks like a Siamese cat with long hair, it actually produced a lot less allergy-causing dander than many other cat breeds.

Other pets

Of course, dogs and cats are most common but not the only pets you can have. If you live bunnies, then you should consider having a Rex rabbit as they are great for allergy sufferers. You also have fish, hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, turtles, lizards, iguanas, some birds, pigs and so on. The list is quite long, so if you love animals but you are allergic, do not worry, there is a pet out there just for you.

There are many other pets that you can consider having

Final word

If you do decide to get a pet, you need to be prepared to take care of them properly, which means having regular vegetarian visits, paying for their food, giving them shelter and love. Those who do not want to give money to their pets, should not really be an owner, as our furry little friends deserve the best.

Ellen Cone