The Healing Power of Nature Therapy

The sweet smell of nature. Soft breezes that carries the sweet melodies of trees swinging and birds chirping and natural light, warmth and breathtaking beauty that melts our hearts with awe. There is a strong sense of independence that comes with going outside. Connecting with Mother Nature provides the ultimate peace, and this is what nature therapy relies on, and the best part is that you only need to step outside your door for you to be around nature.

Ever since the inception of time, generations have relied on the immense healing power of nature. But with the significant milestones achieved in the technological world and our ever busy schedules, we seem to be floating further and further away from this age-old practice.Image result for The Healing Power of Nature Therapy

The connection between nature and addiction therapy

Nature helps restore the mind, body and spirit balance that is essential for a healthy life. Countless studies have shown that most people feel refreshed after spending a minimum of thirty minutes every day in nature, a feeling that can be compared to the caffeine fix that comes from taking a cup of coffee after waking up.

Nature therapy has immense benefits for overall wellbeing but is particularly useful when it comes to addiction recovery or those struggling with anxiety, depression or PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Outdoor therapy doesn’t just benefit the body through the physical exercise activities; it also heals the mind and spirit by providing a sense of calm and belonging to a world that is all accepting. One that does not give any judgment or other negative energy. It’s clean, pure and therapeutic.

  • Re-birth

Spending more time in beautiful and natural surroundings provides a patient with a fresh start, so to speak. Seeing the sunrise marks a brand new slate to start over and a way of forgetting about everything that happened yesterday. This provides new hope of starting a new despite the many trials and tribulations they faced in their past lives.

  • Self-reliance

Nature therapy involves actives such as mountain climbing, fishing, building fires and learning new outdoor skills that all bring about a great sense of achievement. For patients who for the longest of the time relied on drugs and alcohol to get by, they get to see that they have so much power in them to do productive things and that all these, they were able to accomplish without the need for any drug.  This brings about a great sense of self-reliance and the desire to step out of the addiction.

  • An Every-day treatment

Wilderness therapy doesn’t come to an end the moment a patient steps out of our facility. Recovery is a life-long process, and nature too provides life-long therapy that makes a person better with every passing day.

Vernon Connelly