Things to Overlook After the LASIK Eye Surgery


It is important to have proper vision to go about with our daily activities without any problem. One cannot even imagine a day with poor eyesight. There are some people who might be upset with the use of contact lens or spectacles. Wearing them every day is quite frustrating. To get rid of it people opt out for LASIK surgery. The LASIK surgery is of two types traditional and custom surgery.

The traditional LASIK surgery is known to change the lower order variations while the Custom surgery treats the high order variations and also eliminate the effect of starbursts and glare. You are advised to visit the professional and experienced eye surgeon. If you are a resident of Michigan then finding an eye care solution is not a stressful job. In Michigan eye surgery options are available with almost every eye care solution.

Things to Do or To Avoid After LASIK Surgery


  • After the surgery you should not go to your home alone. Arrange a driver for you who can drop you home safely after the surgery.


  • After going home do not go here and there. Take proper rest and you are advised to stay in a darker room for proper rest. Try to sleep for several hours.


  • After the surgery there might be some irritation or scratchiness which will cause a little problem but that’s okay. Do not panic in that situation.


  • You should ask your surgeon about the eye drops and antibiotics to heal.


  • After the surgery you should not miss to consult a doctor as there might be some issues that need to be resolved as this might not be an issue for you but in future it can become disastrous.


  • Do not go out on a drive on the day after the surgery as it can be risky.

  • Do not go to a smoky or dusty place as it can irritate your eyes. Do not try to remove dust or clean your eyes in the house after the surgery as it can be harmful. Always visit your doctor if you have any problem.

To sum up, it is advised that you should follow these precautions to have safe eyes after the treatment.

Dee Jones