This Clinic Cleared My Face Using Acne Laser Treatment

Being confident with your body, especially your face goes a long way. And for me, confidence can give me the power to be the best version of myself and live the most out of my life. This confidence stems from within and how we view myself. It radiates outwards and lets you have a positive vibe. However, tapping this confidence is a different subject matter. But it got difficult for me because of the acne scars on my face.  The blemishes hindered me from expressing myself to the world. But it all changed when I consulted Cosmopolitan for an acne scar removal treatment.

Some blemishes that hindered me to be confident and live the life I wanted are caused by acne scars. Acnes are already troublesome for me, and what more for acne scars! But, what are acne scars and how to have a treatment? Whenever acne becomes inflamed, it can cause damage to our skin and create acne scars. This doesn’t just damage the deeper skin tissue or dermis layer of the skin, thus I consulted Cosmopolitan Clinic to have an acne scar laser treatment here in Singapore.

First, what are acne scars?

Acne scars can be qualified into two main groups, depressed acne scars and raised acne scars. Depressed scars can be treated with ways that include different techniques of subcision and fractional laser treatment, which is the process of removing the layers of skin tissue in a portioned method in order to help reduce aged spots and other facial lines.

Meanwhile, raised acne scars, on the other hand are usually seen along the chest, back neck and chin areas could be treated with medications like steroid injections or laser therapy treatment to help the skin become rejuvenated by the means of resurfacing the skin.

After understanding the differences between depressed acne scars and raised acne scars, Cosmopolitan’s trusted dermatologist started testing my face to see what kind of acne scars my face have. The blemishes were considered to be depressed acne scars, so the dermatologist suggested to treat my face with the proper acne laser treatment here in Singapore.  I immediately agreed and began the treatment.

After few laser treatment session, I noticed that my face became more clearer and the blemishes are not that visible anymore. I also felt that my confidence is getting better and better each day after having a treatment session.

If you want to have an acne scar removal so that you could do away with them for the long run, you’re in the right place with Cosmopolitan Clinic. Remember that these are your prime years and you could be your best self when you feel confident morally and most of all, physically! Having acne scars doesn’t mean the end of our dreams to radiate our beauty and confidence. Acne scars could now be treated with the above treatments in Singapore’s Cosmopolitan clinic, where they treat problems like this. You don’t have to worry about your face anymore.