Three things that cause indigestion and an effective Ayurvedic treatment for the same

Indigestion is caused by various reasons. It can be a result of or the side effect of yet another disease like thyroid / due to a specific condition like pregnancy. There are many diseases that can result in indigestion and then the indigestion is just a side effect and not the main disease. In such cases the treatments have to be carried out mainly to heal the main health issue / disease. But in most of the cases; the indigestion is caused due to the mistakes one do while eating. There are three basic things that have to be taken care while you have food – in order to prevent indigestion. These three things that have to be taken care while eating are mentioned below.

Three eating habits to be followed to keep away indigestion issues as much as possible

As mentioned above; some of the indigestion issues happen as a side effect of a disease or condition of the body. But some others are caused primarily due to some wrong eating habits. If you take care of three things while eating; then you can prevent indigestion as much as possible. The three eating practices that should be followed are:

  1. Eat your food slowly and chew the food well
  2. Eat only enough amount of food and never overeat
  3. Eat with a calm mind and do not eat under stress

Eat your food slowly and chew the food well

Ayurvedic experts like the people who provide Ayurvedic treatment in Adelaide advice you to eat food slowly. You should not rush while eating. It is a fact that many people – including small children – eat their morning breakfast in a rush. This is a wrong eating habit that has to be prevented completely. Food is one among the basic need of all living beings. But there is a way in which the food should enter your body. You should chew the food well as this helps the food in getting mixed with the saliva well. The saliva thus triggers digestion in the mouth itself. First step done well ensures better results! The digestion getting started well at the mouth helps you in preventing indigestion to a great extent. Hence take enough time and chew your food well while eating. And never gulp the food!

Eat only enough amount of food and do not overeat

Make sure that you eat only the required amount of food. This is something that you already know – that eating unnecessarily in huge amounts cause gastric issues & indigestion issues. This happens especially if you are eating food that is difficult to digest – like meat. Not only meat; but anything that is had in excess amount than needed also result in various health issues. Therefore eat only enough amount of food. If you want; you can split the food-intake into four times a day than three times a day and have small amounts of food each time. But make sure that you do not consume huge amount of food at one shot as this results in indigestion issues. Taste your food well and chew it well. Enjoy the quality of your food instead of the quantity!

Eat with a calm mind and do not eat under stress

The third thing that has to be taken care while eating is not to eat under stress. Make sure that you eat with a calm mind. Never eat under stress! If you feel that your mood is not good then you can wait for sometime. Meditate or do something that calm down your mind and then eat. Try it for sure as it works magic!

Follow the above three steps to keep yourself away from indigestion issues. If indigestion happens even after this too; then meet a doctor quickly. The doctor will prescribe you some digestive syrup – like the syrup you can get from Ayurvedic syrups suppliers in India – or will help you via the other treatments for indigestion.