Top 5 Homeopathic Remedies For Ovarian Cysts Revealed

Ovarian cysts are sacs of fluid surrounded by a thin membrane. They are generally benign and often resolve without any treatment. In fact many women will live with them and not be aware of their presence at all.

Problems arise when they grow so large that they put pressure on another area, such as the bladder, the bowel or the vagina. This can cause pain and difficulties when urinating, defecating or having sex. There may also be a sense of fullness in the abdominal region. Sometimes there will be menstrual irregularities and some women also experience pregnancy-like symptoms of breast tenderness, nausea and even vomiting.

If an ovarian cyst bursts women may experience very severe pelvic or abdominal pain or fever and vomiting. In extreme cases it can cause the sufferer to go into full blown shock. In these instances immediate medical care is essential.

In less urgent cases the best approach to ovarian cysts is two fold:

Firstly, make life style changes. Switch to a non-hormonal form of contraception or family planning such as a Lady comp or barrier methods. Also avoid xenoestrogens, these are substances that mimic estrogens and are implicated in ovarian cysts and PCOS (poly cystic ovarian disease). Here is a checklist of things to avoid:

There are many alternative treatment methods that you can use to overcome ovarian cysts for good. You don’t just have to rely on conventional treatment methods which don’t provide long-term results unlike the holistic approach. The use of various homeopathic remedies for ovarian cysts is one such popular method and has been used by many women with cysts on the ovaries.

While it’s an alternative therapy, it was actually developed by a German physician who became dissatisfied with what medicine had to offer patients which was not being able to provide permanent results and only treating symptoms and not the root causes of various diseases and conditions.

What is homeopathy?

Ill health in homeopathy is said to be a sign of the body trying to restore itself to a balanced position and is not generally considered unhealthy. The use of homeopathy is to attempt to push the body’s defenses with the help of diluted substances known as remedies in order to stimulate the body’s ability to self-heal.

There are many homeopathic remedies for ovarian cysts but it’s important that you talk to a qualified homeopath before using any homeopathic remedy.

The remedies are prepared according to the law of “similars” (like cures like) i.e. the substances used to create the remedy to help the body self-heal are the same ones that produce the symptoms similar to the sickness or disease you are dealing with.

These substances are then diluted to the point that it can be impossible to determine the original substances that were used to create the remedy even with the most sensitive test.

This is why many doctors are on the fence about whether homeopathy is able to treat any sickness or disease because there is no theory or mechanism that they can use to explain why homeopathy should work and as a consumer/patient, there is no way to tell whether what you are purchasing is what it says it is. But because it is so diluted, a consumer can trust that they will not be harmed by the remedy.

These diluted remedies contain ingredients which are derived from plant, mineral or animal sources. These homeopathic remedies are created so that the “vital force” or “healing force” which is said to be present in the body, can be stimulated and healing can start to occur.

This force is said to help maintain the health and well-being of the body or heal the body of any disease or symptom which is standing in the way of health and well-being which makes this approach an important alternative health practice to consider if you are interested in curing fibroids the natural way.

Ovarian cyst homeopathic treatment

Homeopathic remedies for ovarian cysts natural treatment is best when the remedy has been created for you and tailored to your specific needs. Don’t try homeopathy on your own and instead look for a qualified and experienced homeopathic practitioner to prepare a remedy for you.

You will need to meet with this practitioner personally so that s/he can create a remedy specific to your personality. There are more than 15 personalities that you can fit into in homeopathy and based on the information that the practitioner will gather from you, a remedy is then created.

Some of the information obtained from you includes your temperament, your looks, your hobbies, what you’re afraid of, what drinks and foods you like, etc. This in-depth interview seeks to understand your symptoms in addition to other psychological and mental factors.

The remedy you receive for the homeopathic treatment of ovarian cysts after this meeting should be taken as directed by the practitioner.

The symptoms of cysts develop slowly over time. Even if they cause severe pain, Homeopathic medications work better to control symptoms but constitutional Homeopathic medicine for ovarian cyst must be selected based on patients life style, habits and addictions etc. Hormonal birth control is thought to prevent further cysts in those who are frequently affected but is not sure. Homeopathic remedies can prevent recurrence of ovarian cysts, ovarian cyst Homeopathic cure is safe without side effects and is permanent. Surgery is not the ultimate solution for large cysts, they respond to Homeopathic treatment in many cases. Homeopathic ovarian cyst treatment is best option for frequent occurring cysts which cure safely and in short time.

Homeopathic Remedies for Ovarian Cysts:

Apis-mell is one of best medicine used in Homeopathic ovarian cyst treatment constitutional symptoms are Ovaritis, stinging in ovaries after sexual intercourse; burning, stinging, after a sting of a bee; sharp, stinging, periodic pains in ovaries, worse right one, numbness in side and limb; cutting in left, then in right ovary, worse at intervals, extending down thigh, worse while stretching; tightness in ovarian region, worse on raising arms; PAIN IN RIGHT OVARY WITH PAIN IN PECTORAL REGION AND COUGH; lancinating pains in ovarian region and groins, extending down thighs, worse right side, during menses; deep-seated tenderness, stinging and frequent micturition during menses; Apis is useful in ovarian cyst homeopathic cure when ovaritis with amenorrhoea; numbness and down the whole thigh, better when lying upon it; strained pain in left ovarian region, worse when walking evenings, followed by bearing-down pain on right side and lame feeling in shoulder-blades, when walking she is compelled to bend forward; ovary enlarged, swollen and indurated; ovarian tumors; cysto-ovarium size of head (large ovarian cyst); ovarian dropsy with an unusually white and transparent skin, pains worse from touch and heat (Lil., better from rubbing with a warm hand), better by lying on right side; ovarian dropsy and anasarca. A STRICT MILK AND FRUIT DIET OUGHT TO BE OBSERVED IN TREATING OVARIAN TUMORS.
Bovista useful as Homeopathic remedies for OVARIAN CYST; when soreness between labia and thighs; every few days a show between menses; after midnight painful urging towards genitals, with great heaviness in small of back, better next morning by a bloody discharge.
Cantharis is useful in Homeopathy treatment for chocolate cyst where Cysto-ovarium; much tenderness and burning in ovarian region; dysuria, cutting burning in passing only a drop or two, which is often bloody, or strangury complete stitches in ovarian region, arresting breathing, or violent pinching pain, with bearing down towards genitals; sterility.
Colocynthis is best Homeopathic remedies for cysts on ovaries symptoms are OVARIAN NEURALGIA; cramplike pain in left ovarian region, as if the parts were squeezed in a vise; intense boring or tensive pain in ovary, CAUSING HER TO DRAW UP DOUBLE, with great restlessness; bilious vomiting during the paroxysms; extreme weakness and lassitude with trembling of legs, worse from exercise and open air; sleeps badly, wakes tired. Colocynth particularly useful in ovarian cysts when Ovaritis, supervening on abortion, stitches in ovaries. Ovarian cysts with pain in abdomen upon straightening up; WALKS BENT WITH HANDS PRESSED UPON PAINFUL SIDE. Ovarian tumor, occasionally sharp pain like a stab in right pelvic region, walks bent and presses her hand upon ovary; suppression of menses or lochia, and metritis from anger or indignation.
Iodum is medicine for homeopathic ovarian cyst treatment where Chronic congestion, usually with leucorrhoea; ovarian cysts and dropsy, with great bearing-down pain, induration and enlargement (Lach.); induration and swelling, with tendency to cancerous degeneration; pain commencing in right ovary, passing down the broad ligaments to uterus (Ham.); pressing, dull, wedgelike pain from right ovary to uterus and through sexual organs (with or without menses); pain in ovarian cysts and back during menses; great sensitiveness of right ovarian region during or after menses; atrophy with sterility (Con.); yellow corrosive leucorrhoea; sallow, tawny like.
Thuja is best remedy in Homeopathy treatment for chocolate cyst Inflammation, with pain in the left ovary cyst, extending through the left iliac region into the and sometimes into the left leg, frequently worse from walking or riding, so that she has to lie down (during menses); burning pain in the ovary; ovarian cyst affections and pains are worse during menses; affections connected with gonorrhoea or syphilis. Cysto-ovarium.