Treatment To ACL Injury Without Surgery

There are many injuries related to sports. The more people engage in sports activities, the more people engage in sports activities, the rate of injuries also increased.

The Prognosis of Patient with ACL Injury

The prognosis of a patient with ACL injury depends on many variables such as:

  • Limits of activity
  • Ligaments damage
  • Neuromuscular compensatory capacity

Patients with surgical repairs do not show better long-term outcome with regards to developing knee arthritis and patients who only have partial acl tear treatment without surgery is favored. Complete ACL tears have a much less favorable prognosis for conservative rehabilitation treatment. Repair does not guaranty a fell return to the prior sport to those patients with complete ACL whose occupation or athletic activities require pivoting and/or cutting will certainly require surgical repair. In some group of patients or athletes post ACL repair, activity modification may be the only solution.

ACL Physical Therapy

Restoring motor control in all planes of the knee, hip, and foot motion in the context of dynamic movement resembling all possible mechanisms of ACL injury is the goal of physical therapy treatment after ACL injury. The rehabilitation of ACL rupture whether the patient had a surgical repair or not is a lengthy process that involves restoring the quality of movement of the whole lower chain, from all of the aspects of movement, not just the knee, control  not just muscle strength such as balance, motor control, proprioception, muscle balance,  ground reaction forces, shock absorption, and etc. the dynamic control of the lower extremity kinetic chain is a long road process because the injury to the ligaments disrupts not only the structural constraints of the movement of the knee joint but also disrupts proprioceptive feedback to the brain from the knee joint as well as the hip/knee musculature. Motor control needs to be tested during several stages of the rehabilitation process allowing the patient, therapist, and physician to monitor gains, steer, and control rehabilitation process as well as becoming an ultimate guide for a return to field decision which requires motion analysis technology and clinical experience in functional biomechanics and gait analysis.

An ACL Injury Treatment Without Getting Into Surgery

The most frequent injury to the ligaments of the knee is the rapture of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament which also known as ACL. its injury occurs when great pressure is applied to the knee in a twist either directly or indirectly. It usually occurs when an athlete is landing especially during a run or jump and the knee gives away. It then followed by sudden pain and swelling of the injured knee as a result of bleeding into the joint. NYDNRehab is a place where the athletes can receive ACL tear treatment or just a partial treatment. The rehabilitation center works towards restoring the health of their patients with advanced technology and expert professionals. Patience and dedication of the patient in order to achieve the desired results because the healing process takes time. The treatment involves the strengthening of the muscles and enhancing the range of motion to help the patients recover fully and neuromuscular re-education that enables patients to retain themselves and reduce the possibility of the injury occur again.