Turn Up Your Health with Rice Vinegar Nutritional Benefits

Everyone knows the health benefits of rice and rice products. But, the vinegar that is made from rice also has some health benefits to offer. Even though it is surprising, it can help boost the health performance. As it is added as a flavoring agent, it has some unknown health benefits associated with it. Before going to see its health benefits, let us see about rice vinegar

Rice Vinegar

This vinegar is extracted from the rice or rice wine which is used as a condiment. But this vinegar is not suitable for preserving foods and pickling. This is because rice vinegar’s acidity quotient is very low when comparing to other types of vinegar. But, this vinegar is extensively used as a condiment with several meat based dishes and salads. It adds a slight flavor to the dishes and offers a number of health benefits.

Types of rice vinegar

Rice vinegar is available in two types namely seasoned and unseasoned rice vinegar. Both forms of rice vinegar offer some health benefits, but if you want to get more health benefits then you can go for unseasoned rice vinegar.

Health benefits of rice vinegar

Improves the digestive health

Rice vinegar gas good amount of acetic acid and it helps in boosting the digestive health of a person. It also helps a person to get more nutrients from the food they eat. By using rice vinegar, one will be able to soak up more calcium, vitamins and potassium from the foods that are beneficial for health

Antiseptic benefits

The rice vinegar produced from brown rice that is exported by the rice exporters in India is used in the making of antiseptic medicines. This is because it helps to get rid of the detrimental bacteria upon contact. Also, it is used in several medications for the treatment of myriad health issues.

Serves as a liver tonic

The Japanese type of rice vinegar that is made by fermenting the brown rice has useful benefits for the human liver. Researchers said that it has the latent to prevent or spoil the onset of liver tumors.

Beats tiredness

This vinegar has a moderate amount of amino acids in it. This acid fights with the development of lactic acid in the body effectively. Lactic acid development will cause fatigue, irritability and stiffness. So, including rice vinegar in the food will keep the person fresh and energetic through the entire day.

Increase the immunity level

The best factor of rice vinegar is its amino acid. The amino acids in the rice vinegar helps in gaining optimum health benefits and helps in fighting against the damaging effects of free radicals. Also, amino acids boost the immunity level of the body

Improves the heart health

The fatty peroxide formation in the body is prevented by this rice vinegar which slows down the cholesterol build-up on the walls of the blood vessels. This will helps your heart to run long. Adding some amount of this vinegar in your daily meals will improve your heart health.

May Capobianco