Types of Supply Chain Processes with Speyer


Global real estate investment firm, Speyer, uses two types of processes in their supply chain. The core process and the support process. The core processes are a set of activities that delivers value to external customers while support processes provide vital resources an inputs to the core processes. This is similar to a nested process. There are four core processes that Speyer needs to consider in their work:

  1. Supplier relationship process
  2. Order fulfillment process
  3. Customer relationship process
  4. New service or product development process

These processes are essential to the management of Speyer. They provide key resources, capabilities, other inputs that allow the core processes to function so the firm has many support processes. More importantly, Speyer makes sure that their operations strategy flows with there supply chain processes. The operations strategy specifies the means by which operations implements corporate strategy and helps to direct processes toward creating customer value. It links long-term and short-term operations decisions to corporate strategy while developing the capabilities the firm needs to remain competitive.

Speyer’s corporate strategy provides an overall direction that serves as the framework for carrying out all the organization’s functions which involves three major considerations for the real estate investment firm: business setting, developing core processes, and the global perspective. Speyer’s customer-driven operations strategy understands what the customer wants and how to provide it to emphasize competitive priorities.

For more information about Speyer, contact using the link provided above. They know customer value best which is the combination of quality, time, flexibility, customer experience, and innovation relative to price for a particular customer benefit bundle of goods and services. A customer benefit bundle consists of a core good and/or service and a set of peripheral goods and services. By weighing their competitive priorities, Speyer has become the greatest real estate investment firm in the work.


Ellen Cone