Valuable Tips to Choose a Hospital for Surgery

The process of planning a surgery can be more challenging. Once you have decided and willing to have surgery, you must find a great surgeon. Some may not need a second opinion regarding the surgery, while others may need and finding another surgeon becomes the part of the process. However, if your surgery is being planned in advance you can dramatically increase the chances of choosing the right facility by doing your research.

Nowadays, patients are aware of medical issues. As a result, they use the information to help them make more informed healthcare decisions. One such decision is the choice of the surgeon and the surgery center.

Here are some valuable tips that help you make those important decisions.

Most of the surgeons practice in different locations, and they perform surgeries at multiple hospitals. However, all the hospitals do not provide the same quality care. Some may be excellent, good, and even some perform poorly. So do not rush when it comes to choosing the hospital for the surgery.

Choose a hospital where your surgeon has privileges

When you choose a surgeon, you are limited by where the surgeon has privileges. The surgeon may use multiple surgical centers and also have an office in which patients are seen before and after the surgery. Apart from the convenience of location, you have to consider the quality of the surgical center.

A simple Google search will provide the needed information about how the facility you are considering measures up against other practices in different ways including infection rates, death rates, and the number of medical errors that occurred in the facility. Make use of the American hospital directory that gives hospital ratings and reviews based on the patient’s hospital experience as well as the reviews and metrics aggregated by the Center for Medicare/Medicaid services. Moreover, the American hospital directory by state is regularly updated with the latest reviews.

Get the most of your insurance

Don’t forget the financial impact of where you have the surgery and who performs it. Make sure the facility you choose to have the surgery will accept your insurance as in-network which means they will reimburse at the highest rate they offer.

Ensure that the surgeon, the facility and the anesthesia providers are in-network for the procedure. If you overlook this factor, it can result in an unpleasant surprise in the form of a dreaded hospital bill that cost thousands of dollars more than you expected.

Pick a facility that is accredited by the joint commission

The Joint Commission is a non-profit, independent organization that provides certification and accreditation for hospitals and other healthcare facilities nationwide. Accreditation is the mark of quality for a surgical center or a hospital. The absence of this stamp of approval should be considered by individuals looking for a surgical center.

A deep internet search will give all the needed information you are looking for. The American hospital directory is a great source to find out the right facility and check out the patient’s hospital experience. Utilize it wisely; choose the best, have your surgery and get well soon!