Various FAQs People Ask Regarding Dichloroacetate (DCA)



Radiation and chemotherapy are common methods of treating cancer. Various studies and researches have been done and it is observed that there are certain alternative methods of treating cancer which is becoming popular at a very fast pace.

One of the best anticancer drugs that have proved useful for treating cancer is DCA (dichloroacetate) it kills cancer cells by activating the natural cell suicide system which gets suppressed in case of the cancerous cells.

It does not poison the cancer cells like chemotherapy drugs. You can search MEDLINE which is a medical database in the world and it has complete information related to DCA research.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dichloroacetate

  • For Which Cancer Type It Is Suitable?

It works on a wide variety of cancers various cancers type that has been studied so far include cancer of colon, breast, ovarian, prostate, brain, lung, uterus, etc.

  • Is It Natural?

It is a synthetic drug but it is a simple compound and it works against cancer in a natural manner.

  • Is It Safe?

It can be used in cancer patients under medical supervision. There are no cases reported for DCA to be a cause of death.

  • Is it a good option To Buy It from Online Stores?

When you buy it from online stores check about its quality and safety. It cannot be sold as a medication unless you do not have a doctor’s prescription.

  • What Is the Status Available from Clinical Trials?

Although its importance in treating various types of cancers has been seen it is necessary to conduct clinical trials. These trials take a number of years to complete and it is very difficult for cancer patients to wait for such a long duration.

  • Does It Increase the Growth of Colon Cancer?  

It is effective for treating colon cancer (both oral and intravenous). It causes tumor shrinkage and reduction in colon cancer.

  • How Can I Qualify for The Treatment?

Under circumstances like conventional methods do not work, therapies do not work. You can qualify for treatment with a documented diagnosis of cancer.

  • What Is the Duration of The Treatment and How It Is Administered?

Starting 6-8 weeks are recommended but if cancer responds to the drugs it can be continued indefinitely.  It is available in the form of cream, oral liquids, capsules. It can be given intravenously at a medical center.


Thus, it is one of the best solutions for treating cancer and it is one of the greatest achievements in treating the cancer disease.