Vibez, Taking Your Relaxation to the Next Level

You wake up in the morning and already feel tired, depressed and do not even know why. You live on autopilot and feel stressed and nervous constantly. Does this ring a bell for you?

If “yes” read on, we were at the same place for a very long time and managed to escape from the self-made trap. If you are happy and fulfilled this guide is not for you, Vibez wish you everything good and live with passion.

  1. You need to change

You have to understand something with every fiber of your body, your conscious and unconscious mind.

If you want something to be different, you have to change your behavior

This has been said again and again in the self-help circle and self reflections in different words, but that is really critical if you want to change.

  1. Energy

In order to transform yourself, you will need higher energy levels. Change needs effort and persistence. Those two need energy.

How Vibez solved this first sticking point: Start doing physical activities to strengthen myself and build stamina and tone. Made a decision and pushed. We are not limiting in any way here. You can engage in dancing, yoga or any type of sport. The only two requirements are that it has to be physical and you should do it 4 times a week, You need to shake your physiology, that way you will take manually out of the unmoving reality that your mind made up for yourself. In my case, we started going to the gym twice a week and kickboxing also twice a week.

  1. Organize yourself

First take the Sunday off, you need one day every week to do whatever you want. Stand up on Sunday and decide what you want to do and do it. Do not think about business, bills, appointments, thinks that you have to do that scares you. Relax and refresh yourself.

On Saturday make a detailed schedule for the week, Vibez suggest using some kind of organizing application; personally find Microsoft Outlook to be very helpful. Also, check Personal Brain and see if you like it. First fill the activities that you have to do like work, sport, and so on. Then work in three areas: Health Wealth and Love. In order for you to take your life to the next level, you have to work in all those areas. Set a small goal in every area and attach an activity to it.

  1. Pointers
  • Stop drinking alcohol
  • Quit cigarettes if you smoke
  • Do not watch TV; instead, try to live in the present moment;
  • Try to develop awareness of your feelings and emotions
  • The trick is actually doing it

Give yourself three weeks of this lifestyle, I know it may be very different from your lifestyle right now but give it a try just for three weeks, because that is how much time it takes for activity to become a habit in the unconscious mind.

Ellen Cone