If You Want to Remove Your Tattoo, then take a look at this

People have various reasons for wanting to remove their tattoos. Some want the name of their former lovers removed while others just don’t want to be affiliated with a gang. Another reason is that there are careers that do not allow one to have tattoos on the body.

Years back, to remove a tattoo, one would undergo treatments like freezing cutting, using creams or sanding.

Today, lasers are used in removing tattoos. Studies show that about 46,000 people have had their tattoos removed by lasers since it was tracked in 2011 by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Now, there are various types of lasers having different wavelengths which work best on certain colors. Such lasers include the PicoSure laser which is known to remove the most stubborn colors such as blue and green inks.

Although, there are a few challenges when trying to remove using Picosure because of the composition of dye to be removed. It is usually not known because of the amount of dye and the color of the tattoo.

How it Works

In Picosure, thousands of pulses produce energy within a picosecond. This makes the laser remove the ink when the energy is concentrated on the tattoo pigment by breaking up the particles. The particles are then removed and the texture of the skin looks almost flawless.

How it feels

Generally, when removing tattoos with lasers, it produces a feeling hot oil being splashed on the body part being worked on. Some patients claim that it is a bit uncomfortable but the good thing is that there are numbing creams that can be applied to the area where the tattoo is before the procedure is started.

Normally, it takes up to six treatments for tattoo removal but it also varied, depending on the size, location and color of the tattoo. For instance, it takes only one session to remove a homemade tattoo while the professional ones done by artists usually take much longer. It takes up to 30 minutes to an hour for each session with 5 to 30 minutes under the laser.

Although Picosure is the most effective, it takes up to 12 sessions of which each session is 6 weeks apart, depending on the acreage and color combination of the tattoo. It costs between $1200 and $1800 for the Picosure procedure.

It should be noted that anyone who wants to have their tattoo removed should be careful of the kind of clinics they go to. For instance, any clinic offering tattoo removal at very low prices should be avoided because the devices used are very expensive. Also, other things such as hygiene, untrained staff and others should also be noted. There is also the most important issue – safety – this cannot be avoided. Both the practitioner and the patient must wear eye protection before the procedure is even started. Anything short of these, it is advisable one looks for a better option elsewhere.

Ellen Cone