Ways to Manage the Strong and Powerful Sensations in Birth

The only way to know that your baby is almost coming out is when you enter into labor. Although this might be something that you have been expecting for some time, things might not turn out in the way that you had anticipated.  At this moment, you may be feeling a wide range of emotions ranging from anxiety, frustration, uncertainty, to nervousness.

Apart from that, you may also be feeling strong and powerful sensations that you don’t know how you can control them. Be assured that these are normal feelings and only symbolize the beginning of what will most likely be a long and intense process.

Luckily, there are a lot of things that you can do to control such feelings. From experience and learning, the following techniques can help you manage the strong and powerful sensations in birth.


A simple massage in pregnancy can be a wonderful experience that offers a wide range of benefits. It supports the body of the mother during profound changes in her physiology, helps her relax, and also helps her prepare the whole body and mind for a stress-free birth.

In preparation for labor, birthing experts recommend that expectant mothers practice deep and sustained levels of relaxation for at least 45 minutes without falling asleep, especially during the last eight weeks. Make sure that you also have a birth partner and midwives who will massage your back, shoulders, and feet the moment you enter into labor.

The more relaxed you can make your body, the easier it is for your womb and cervix to work at their best hence minimizing the strong and powerful sensations.

Birthing Pool

This is a little bit strange, but research shows that birthing pools are excellent pain relievers during childbirth. It doesn’t matter whether the birthing poolis in a labor ward, midwife-led birth center or at home, spending some time there will provide a calming effect and make your childbirth process a little bit easier.

Whether you choose to get in and out of the pool occasionally or stay there until you give birth, the truth is that it helps. The moment you get into the water, the strong and powerful sensations cause you to relax and focus. You can move around comfortbaly knowing that other people can’t get to see you easily since it gives you the much-needed privacy.

Breathing Techniques

Various breathing techniques can also help you deal with the intense sensations during childbirth. When we talk about breathing during child delivery, we aren’t talking about the normal breathing that you do daily. We are talking about deep breathing to fuel the most powerful muscles of your womb to get the baby out as soon as possible. Deep breath brings about a sense of calmness and makes you feel confident.

When you breathe out, you release all the tension and anything that your body no longer needs leading to a stress-free birth. The breathing techniques used in HypnoBirthing are often cited as essential tools expectant mothers can use during labor. It is crucial that you relax and focus before you practice these breathing techniques for better results.