We love how The Food Effect Doctor explains the Myogenes collection kit

In an ideal world, we’d all like to receive an individually-tailored, healthy lifestyle plan.  Well Myogenes is here to do just that – taking personalised medicine to a whole new level.  Using your own unique genetics to personalise your health, Myogenes provides you with a wealth of information about yourself – on everything from diet to fitness, to mental health to how you respond to various medications.

What is Myogenes?

Myogenes is an advanced molecular diagnostic company centred on personalised health and genetic testing.  Their mission is to develop the field of “Personalised Medicine” in the United Kingdom, focusing on personalised genetic testing.  There is no more ‘one size fits all’. This is personalised medicine 2.0, where your own body determines what does – and does not – work.

Myogenes offers high-end clinical genetic tests at top selected laboratories, followed by personal support for patients and their doctors.  Their services and scope of testing are wide ranging – you can read more about it on their website (see OUR TESTS section) but I’d love to share with you their Diet and Fitness – NutriFit testing, as I think it’s of huge interest and benefit to all The Food Effect readers and followers.  Whether you’re looking to lose weight, get fitter or just improve your health and diet in the most optimal way for you, having the Myogenes test is of immeasurable benefit to anyone and everyone!

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What is the Diet & Fitness – NutriFit Test?

The NutriFit is a simple saliva DNA test which examines specific genes. Thanks to rapid advances in science, it is now possible to create a personalised diet and lifestyle plan based on your own individual genetic makeup. Every one of us possesses a specific genetic makeup; each one of us, therefore, has specific nutritional needs.

What Does NutriFit do?

NutriFit eliminates the guesswork out of dieting. Through a simple saliva test which you can do at home or in a doctor’s office, you will discover what works and what doesn’t – the key to an optimal diet and healthy lifestyle.

Through the detailed analysis based on your individual DNA, you will:

* discover the most important micro- and macro-nutrients you need.

* learn about your metabolism of alcohol, coffee and lactose, and your response to various forms of physical activity, including a greater understanding of your muscle