Weed TV Shows Changing the Public Mind on the Use of Medical Marijuana

In the past, numerous television programs globally have been showing stoners in the wrong light. The characters bummed around their apartments each day, so the concept of these weed-loving people was one of being lazy. In fact, most films and shows on television and movie screen showed stoners as those people who only want to snack all the time. This left the public the wrong perception of weed or marijuana.


Those not familiar with marijuana have the propensity to the belief that this misconception was the way it was. These people who were only watching from afar had no first-hand experience with weed or even CBD oil.  Aside from, perhaps, using CBD oil for pain management, a fair amount of people had no idea that CBD medical problems can be healed by medical marijuana.

Everyone watches TV

Weed TV shows are the best way to show to those who are not familiar with marijuana the help that this CBD part of marijuana has for many health problems. This is an almost subtle way to show episodes of many TV shows with characters that use weed in a way that improves their health problems. This is happening more and more as different states start voting over the use of medical marijuana.


There is also a “myth shattering” documentary that is currently being shown in those states where they are considering medical marijuana. It is packed with information from physicians as well as the leading researchers about medicinal cannabis and its effects on the health of humans.

Game-changing movie

This movie shows the consensus from over 1500 medical and scientific trials and the conditions use to prove the benefit from medical marijuana. It also goes through the past 5300 years of the historical use of medical marijuana and in many ways helps to change the public’s perception of using weed.