Weight Loss Clinics—What are They?

These are the facilities where you would go visit to gain the knowledge and tools you can use to help you lose weight if you are unable to lose the weight on your own.  Most clients have over fifty pounds to lose.  They will typically offer services that include personal exercise plans and nutrition and diet counseling.  There are some that also offer surgical procedures for weight loss, like gastric bypass or lap band.  Weight loss clinics are staffed with a variety of counselors, doctors, and nurses that specialize in weight loss.  In addition to all of these tools and knowledge they may offer or sell supplements along with other minerals or vitamins that encourage weight loss.

When you make your first visit to a weight loss clinic you will have an examination by a physician to evaluate your health.   Once the physician has determined that you are healthy enough to start a weight loss program they will create an individual weight loss plan for you during a session with the nutritionist.  The diet that you will need to follow is formulated just for you and you will be given exact instructions on how to follow it.3

Once you are in the weight loss program in San Diego you will visit the clinic as often as a few times each week or you may only visit once a month.  On each visit, you will be measured, weighed, and counseled on your weight loss goals.  If you are having problems with the exercise and diet program it will be reevaluated and the nutritionist can adjust it if necessary.  At the initial consultation if the physician recommends a weight loss surgery you will have to decide if the procedure is right for you or not.  Some of the weight loss surgeries are risky so much thought should be put into making the right decision.

In regards to the fee the weight loss clinic San Diego charges they may set up a month-to-month payment schedule if your insurance will not cover it or you do not have insurance.  This is something you should check out first before setting up an appointment.  The fees charged are for physician services and nutrition counseling.  If you decide to have weight loss surgery there will be other charges.  Your insurance may cover all or part of the charges for this surgery.

When using a weight loss clinic you can look forward to individual support and attention to your personal needs.  Each person will require a different weight loss strategy so that is why the clinics make up individual plans.  Each time you visit the weight loss clinic you will see a regular counselor so you will always have personalized encouragement and support.

Stanley Kessinger