Weightlifting is a Discipline in Which Athletes Compete in Two Exercises. How to improve them?

Weightlifting training is based on:

Keeping a training diary. Planning is the basis of weightlifting training. Without a clear training plan, success in weightlifting is unrealistic.

Using only the most basic exercises. The athlete trains not only in jerk and jerk, but is limited to 5-15 basic exercises for the entire training complex.

A smooth start for a beginner. Programs walk in the network in which a beginner is offered to train 5 times a week when performing 12-15 exercises. This is a mistake that will destroy the beginner’s nervous system in 2-3 weeks. Theloadmustbeincreasedgradually.

Using cycling after 6-12 months of training. Weightlifting requires laying the foundation, without which cycling is pointless. Separation into meso, macro and micro cycles is the privilege of athletes who have already gained a certain muscle mass, learned to perform exercises technically correctly, formed the correct brain-muscle connection.

Compliance with the principle of progression of loads. Weightlifting is not physical education. The athlete must regularly increase the weight of the bar, temporarily increase the number of sets and reps. Once every 1-3 workouts, the beginner should increase the load. Then – the increase in load obeys the rules of cycling.

Using the principle of supercompensation with Testosterone Cypionate. Supercompensation is the period during which your body will be as ready for weight lifting as possible. Read more here.

Weightlifting as part of CrossFit

Weightlifting (TA) is gradually losing popularity. But recently, TA has been increasingly used in crossfit. Weightlifting exercises allow crossfiter:

Strengthen the ligaments and joints. The main task of weightlifting, which uses only multi-joint exercises for all muscle groups.

Increase muscle strength and speed of movement. Push and jerk is a workout that allows the crossfighter to perform better in competitions.

Improve the functioning of the nervous system. Crossfitters, who are involved in weightlifting, are able to withstand a little more load than athletes neglecting TA.

Additional self-discipline. Weightlifting is training according to a plan that, for many weightlifters, is scheduled for years. To fulfill such plans, huge self-discipline, colossal willpower is needed.

Weightlifting. Recommendations

A correct worldview goes to a key role in weightlifting training. Weightlifting is a sport in which positive thinking is especially important. TA loads the nervous system, which pessimists fail in a few weeks of training. Say to yourself “I can”, “I will not give up”, “I will triumph over my weaknesses” more often. The result will delight you.

Find motivation for training. An unmotivated athlete will not be able to force himself to work in the first training session. Our psyche loves to be in the comfort zone, which does not allow us to get the maximum pleasure from the first training. You need to understand the structure of the internal system of motivation and encouragement (click on the link above) so as not to waste time in vain.

Learn how the hormonal system works. Simple manipulations can increase the production of anabolic hormones, which will accelerate progress in TA.

Weightlifting is work not only in the gym, but also outside it. A healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition will help the athlete achieve great success in working with the barbell.

Ellen Cone