What Are The Medical Benefits Of CBD?

While we’re still waiting for definitive proof of exactly how cannabidiol (CBD) works with our bodies, there is endless proof suggesting that it can help alleviate and even prevent some ailments developing.

The scientific community broadly accepts that CBD can be used to supplement the endocannabinoid system within the body – which serves partially to connect the body with the mind.

By taking these supplements, the dozens of receptors dotted throughout the body are supported and kept healthy. While there is no guarantee what benefits individuals may – or may not – receive, the fact is becoming ever more clear that many people have found success using these supplements.

Here is a selection of a few of the most common. To note – all of the following examples are based on published medical research.

1) Anxiety & Stress

Despite CBD carrying no psychoactive component (in layperson’s terms no ‘high’), there has been a great deal of evidence supporting the ways it may reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety. This is believed to be thanks to the way it helps to regulate hormones associated with stress throughout the body.

There is also the advantage that thanks to being a benign substance, there are none of the issues related to prescription medications being rejected or causing dependence/withdrawals.

To the best of our knowledge, there has not been a single proven case of anyone ever ‘rejecting’ CBD.

Many people who take CBD for these purposes report that it lessens the prominence of the symptoms. They are still there, just far less intrusively.

2) Pain Relief

In this case, people have reported that CBD can reduce pain related to anything from muscle strains to postoperative relief.

It is quite remarkable that niggling injuries can be helped just as well as serious trauma. Early scientific opinions suggest that this is due to the way CBD serves as a natural anti-inflammatory agent.

While closely connected to research into medical marijuana, CBD is different because once again to lacks the ‘high’ which can complicate and interact negatively with other prescription painkillers.

Many people taking CBD for pain relief find that CBD vaping oils work best thanks to the speed and purity that it enters the bloodstream.

3) Sleep Problems

Be it full blown insomnia or general sleep apnoea, another clear benefit which CBD may offer is helping to regulate sleep patterns.

Some studies dating back 20 years and more first noted the effect that marijuana (with THC) may promise, but it appears CBD alone may do the trick just as well.

Studies over small batches of patients have generally recorded good results, with a majority (but not all) respondents claiming enhanced sleep and correspondingly superior wakefulness during daytime hours. Quite how this works is yet to be determined, but is believed that CBD may enhance the speed and duration of REM sleep.

4) Skin Care

Some amazing recent research has suggested that CBD laced oils and balms can work wonders for the skin. Naturally packed with essential vitamins and minerals, CBD is great for combatting general skin issues such as psoriasis and acne.

More amazingly – and no doubt of great interest to the cancer research community – is that it appears to help with treatment for skin cancer.

Whichever the ailment, the skin contains plenty of cannabinoid receptors and it is thought that these may be those most prone to failure/damage.

A healthy supplement of CBD seems to help many people with these conditions.

5) Cancer Fighting?

This is a big one and there have been studies that demonstrate cannabis’s potential in this field.

While research remains very limited, studies conducted in the 1980s with over eighty thousand subjects say that men who took marijuana but did not mix with tobacco had a near 50% lower likelihood of contracting prostate cancer.

While there is no evidence that this may help with other cancers, one of the reasons many people (especially those approaching late middle age) take CBD supplements is because there is a good chance it may – and of course, it isn’t going to do any harm.

Concluding Thoughts

There are plenty of other reasons why people take CBD but generally speaking these five would be considered the most prominent.

What is unquestionably exciting is what further research is going to suggest further down the line.

As noted above, a good number of people are taking extracts because there is a good chance it may well help in later life.

One of the reasons for the latest surge in interest of full spectrum CBD (containing a ‘whole plant’ extract) is because it is thought to bind more thoroughly to the body. Those interested in taking supplements, for this reason, would be well advised to steer their attention towards that direction.