What are the Relevant CNA Job Duties

One of the basic CNA job duties is to provide the best care to the patients under the supervision of a nurse. A CNA nurse has to perform a lot of duties with pretty long hours of work. But with all the CNA responsibilities come a lot of rewards which are offered in the form of love and care by the patients.

What Does CNA Stand For?

CNA is the abbreviation of Certified Nursing Assistant. A CNA’s services are needed not only in hospitals but in hospices, adult day care centers, old homes and even in house when the patient needs professional car which cannot be provided by everyone. Thus, when you clear your certification and go for an interview, how compassionate you are is determined in the CNA interview questionsby the interview panel.interview panel

CNA Job Description, CNA Duties and CNA Responsibilities

CNA job duties are full of responsibilities. You need to have a lot of patience and stamina to fulfill them dutifully. The patients you have to care for can be of any age group: ranging from small babies to the elderly. The diseases also vary, so the CNA duties are according to the different requirements specifically, but generally they are the same.

  • Helping the Patients with their Basic Needs

A CNA’s job is to look after the very basic needs of their patients. These may include bathing, feeding and dressing. The patients may include anyone from the elderly to a young person who has undergone an accident or a surgery.

  • Keeping Track of the Patients Vital Signs

Another one of the CNA responsibilitiesis to keep track of the patients’ vital signs consistently. It may include taking the blood pressure, checking the sugar level and the temperature of the patients. A CNA’s positive attitude is very much needed as he or she is mostly the first health care professional a patient interacts with.

  • Making the Beds, Cleaning the Room and Serving the Meals

A CNA has to perform other duties as well. Keeping the patient’s room tidy is among one of them. A CNA has to change soiled sheets, clean the bed pans and generally keep the room and the patient in a spic and span condition.

Serving meals to the patient and helping them in eating it is also a CNA nurse’s job. Overall, such activities help in forming a very respectful and dignified relationship between the patient and the CNA nurse.

  • Observing of Any Unusual Changes in the Patient

Since a CNA interacts the most with the patient, it is a part of the CNA job descriptionto notice any unusual signs which may occur in him or her. These signs can be either physical or behavioral or both. A CNA’s intuition is highly valuable for both the patient and the doctor as they are always interacting with the patient first hand.

  • Assisting Other Health Care Professionals

A CNA has to assist the other health care professionals, such as doctors and nurses, during different procedures as well. it may include shifting the medical equipment from one room to another, setting up of the equipment and helping out in performing different procedures like taking blood samples.


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