What Can You Eat Once Done with Bariatric Surgery?

What Can You Eat Once Done with Bariatric Surgery

The moment you’re done with your notable Bariatric Surgery, you’ll now have to think upon what should be the post-bariatric surgery diet. The surgeon is going to recommend you to follow a temporary post-operative diet. It shall come inclusive of a lot of drinking and eating instructions. You need to follow each one of those instructions very carefully. This diet has been curated, keeping your body healing in view, and also, it serves the intention of properly positioning your new gastric band. The healing time is going to take a month or more, so you would have to stay patient in this case.

While asking the specialists about the post-bariatric surgery diet, you are going to get a different number of recommendations. But you won’t have to get confused about the same and follow some basic steps that we have come up with.

Diet after Bariatric Surgery

  1. Follow a clear liquid diet:

Your diet commences with clear liquid consumption even while you are present in the hospital. This diet is formulated with the intention of keeping your body hydrated. Proper hydration shall help your stomach stay away from every possible irritant.

  1. Start a full liquid diet:

Once done with the tenure of a clear liquid diet, now is the time for you to move on further with a full liquid diet.In this diet, you’ll have to indulge in the consumption of milk products; protein shakes every day for continuous 14 days.

  1. Move on with the soft diet:

Now is the time for you to introduce your new body with the solid foods added on with the pureed texture. You can also think it as a baby food that would gradually give you the ability to consume solid foods. In this diet, you will eat tuna/chicken salad, hummus, scrambled eggs and continue the intake of proteins.

  1. Regular diet:

Now that you have followed the whole diet procedure of 7 weeks, now you’ll have to commence with the regular diet. Your need to mindful while eating and thus, continue prioritizing protein in your regular meals. You should avoid the various foods as well as drinks which shall prove to be adverse for your health. These include spicy food, sugar-sweetened beverages, carbonated beverages etc.


Now that you have learned everything about the post bariatric surgery diet, you won’t have to worry about the same. Follow each and every step mentioned above, and you would never feel any shortcomings in your health!

Ellen Cone