What to Give Your Doctor to Thank Them For Their Work

Doctors work around the clock and year round to help keep people happy and healthy, which often means spending holidays, birthdays and other celebrations in the office. That being said, a small gift or token of gratitude can go a long way. No matter what the reason or occassion, here’s a few ideas to consider if you want to brighten your favorite doctor’s day:

A new coffee flask

Medical hours are not often normal, and adjustment can be difficult. Help keep the early morning — or late night — doctor awake and alert with a brand new, high tech coffee flask. Depending on what their drink of choice is, and what design they like, you can find the perfect one to suit their style. But be sure to find one that seals tight, so their favorite beverage can stay hot all day without spilling. For a little extra flair, put a packet of coffee or hot cocoa in the flask before you give it to them.

Luxurious hand cream

Medical professionals wash their hands countless times a day. And while that’s hygienic and good for everyone in their office, it can lead to some seriously sad skin. Give the gift of luxury with a high-quality hand lotion they can apply at the end of their shift to find instant relief and relaxation. And because you’re dealing with professionals here, check the ingredient list to make sure everything is all-natural and won’t cause and adverse reactions.

A fruit basket

Everyone gets hungry, but doctors can often often go hours between meals as they rush form patient to patient. You can help by sending a little snack his or her way. You’ll become one of your doctor’s — and their office staff’s — favorite visitors when the delivery person walks in with a beautifully sculpted fruit basket. And, honestly, who would appreciate a healthy snack more than medical professionals? The office will be happy to see a bouquet of fresh treats and will remember it for years to come.

Wireless headphones

Amid all the chaos, finding peace and quiet can be a difficult venture in a hospital or doctor’s office. Help them unwind with a pair of nice, comfy headphones. They can be used for a in-office moment of silence, for music at the gym, or for catching up on their favorite podcasts at home. Whether they’re buds or over-the-ears, they’ll help any doctor escape for a few moments.

A gift card

Despite the aforementioned ideas, gifts for doctors can be tricky. If you don’t know your doctor personally, or if you just want to give them the chance to pick their own present, a gift card is a quick and easy solution. You can find a store you know they love, or head to a nearby restaurant to treat them to. Regardless, you can decide exactly how much you want, write a small note and hand it off, making everyone happy.

Dee Jones