What Will Happen If You Do Not Remove Your Wisdom Teeth?

So your dentist has advised you to extract your wisdom teeth, and you are hesitant to remove them since you do not want to undergo oral surgery? Well, can you risk avoiding it? Come on let’s find out.

Whether you can extract your wisdom teeth actually depends on the state of your wisdom teeth. Since the human mouth is considerably smaller than the mouths of our ancestors, many do not have enough space to accommodate third molars.

A wisdom tooth that does not have enough space to emerge in can become impacted, and this is why dentists recommend wisdom teeth removal in Sydney. It is when the teeth get trapped under the gum that a number of symptoms and complications can occur.

What can happen if you don’t remove your wisdom teeth?

The wisdom teeth removal in Sydney becomes necessary because they create a lot of dental problems including

Greater risk of dental decay:

Untreated, impacted wisdom teeth are more likely to decay and develop cavities. If a wisdom tooth erupts partially, it is more difficult to reach them with a toothbrush and clean them. When it is not cleaned properly, it leads to dental decay, and bacteria get trapped in the area around the wisdom teeth, especially if there is a flap in the gums. As they have erupted partially, it also becomes more difficult for the dentist to fill in the cavities.

Risk of gum disease:

Keeping your impacted wisdom teeth can lead to gum disease. In fact, a study examining more than 250 patients who had decided to keep their wisdom teeth found that 60% of those had signs of gum disease. It also reveals that participants saw their gum disease become worse over the course of two years.

An impacted tooth can increase the risk of gum disease, and it can be painful. Difficulty in cleaning the gums and teeth leads to collect bacteria around the wisdom teeth. Therefore, it also increases the cost of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney. Yes, you may need additional treatment to treat the gum disease along with wisdom teeth removal.

Damage to nearby teeth:

If you had braces to correct your misaligned teeth, following your dentist’s advice and removing wisdom teeth is a wise decision. As the wisdom teeth develop in, if there is not enough space, they can push the nearby teeth, undoing the work of wearing braces for all those years.

Jaw damage:

If a wisdom tooth is not removed it can damage your jaw bone as well. If the tooth is impacted and left untreated, the sac can fill up with fluid and turn into a cyst.

So this is what happens if you do not remove your wisdom teeth. Moreover, you may increase the wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney by keeping them.