When Should You Go For An Eye Exam?

Eyes are the most delicate parts of the human body. However, this sensitive sense organ usually gets ignored until something serious happens. Today, it’s high-time we start paying attention to our eyes. Technology has got so much advanced that it has become easier to detect eye problems before vision loss takes place. So do not overlook your eye health and schedule an eye exam as soon as you see the following signs.

  • When your vision goes fuzzy: When you find it difficult to make out the fonts in magazine and restaurant menus, when everything looks blurred and shady, when you have trouble recognizing the faces of your friends or co-workers; this is when you should go for an eye exam. You may be developing near or farsightedness and only an optometrist can help you with this.
  • Your eyes feel heavy: Do you feel that strain after reading, watching television or driving? Well, if it happens once in a while you may blame it on exhaustion but if it has become a routine, you should schedule an eye exam.
  • Frequent Headaches: Even a small problem in your eye can cause migraine-like headaches or cluster headaches. So do take it seriously if there are headaches along with blurred vision and eye squinting. This calls for an immediate eye exam.
  • Double Vision: If you are experiencing double vision, then it could be a sign of serious eye problem. It could even indicate cataract or Graves disease. In some cases, people’s eyelids droop or their eyes become cross-eyed. So before anything grave happens, you should go and take an eye exam.
  • Dry Eyes: You don’t always go to an optometrist for a pair of glasses. Sometimes painful and irritating symptoms like dry eyes can also be the reason for the visit. Planning an eye exam for the same can help you get out of such dry situations.

Apart from the above discussed conditions, there are also issues like light sensitivity, inconsistent vision or other vision-related problems that are needed to be consulted on time. However, an eye problem should not be the only reason to take an eye exam; one should otherwise also go for a check-up to keep their eye health in check.

If any of the above conditions have been troubling you lately, it’s time to get your eyes checked from Alain Assedo Opticien, who not just examine your eyes but also get them a pair of stylish glasses as per one’s personality.