Where Can I Find A Cannabis Business In Los Angeles?

Laws governing marijuana before the legalization of recreational marijuana in California were complex and at times difficult to understand. Recreational legalization has unfortunately not changed that. It can be very difficult to understand the current pot laws especially when it seems like multiple sources can at times contradict one another. If you’re looking for a place to get marijuana or wondering if you can grow marijuana or perhaps why you can’t, it’s important to understand how the new law works.

Proposition Sixty-Four, the voter approved ballot option, legalized recreational marijuana in the state of California, but counties and cities can still decide not to allow its sale or cultivation, much like alcohol. Recreational sales are permitted in the big cities, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, but this is where things can get confusing. Although recreational sales are allowed in Los Angeles, cultivation and manufacturing are not. Cultivation means the growing of marijuana. Manufacturing refers to the production of marijuana based products like foodstuffs, oil, and other products. Why this can’t be done in Los Angeles is a difficult question. It seems that it would make sense that if you allowed the sale of something, you would also allow its production, but the weird paradoxical news laws and politics of recreational marijuana don’t seem to stop there. In Orange County, you are allowed to grow marijuana, but not to recreationally sell or manufacture it.

Adding to further confusion, Los Angeles city leaders have agreed that marijuana dispensaries will not be able to be within seven hundred feet of a school or public park, but at times the designation of areas that marijuana dispensaries will not be permitted to set up shop seems overly broad. Some city leaders have proposed “open spaces” that would keep dispensaries out of the LA river area away from many busy streets and high trafficked areas.

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May Capobianco