Which steroids are the safest and most effective?

Recent studies show that absolutely safe and absolutely no harmful steroids do not exist. And yet, different manufacturers sell the same drugs under different names. Therefore, to reduce all the risks to your health, it is better to choose the most popular brands of steroids.

Scientists believe that the most popular and most effective steroids are injectable. The substance enters the blood immediately, and therefore the effect is very fast, because the drug is not subjected to destruction in the intestine. That is why in professional sports it is most often used injectable steroids. In addition, this form of application is safe for the liver and other internal organs.

The best-proven drug is Testosterone Propionate from Indian pharmaceutical company Hilma Biocare. It is used for both men and women for rapid growth of muscle mass. It does not retain fluid in the body for a long time. Doping will be able to determine for month after admission. It reduces the likelihood of blood clots and well increases endurance.

No less popular is Sustanon. It is a combination of different esters of testosterone, which due to its chemical composition, has a long anabolic effect. Possible muscle growth up to 6 kg in just a month of use. Increases appetite and strengthens bone tissue. Blocks the production of cortisol. It is possible to detect it in the blood for 90 days after application.

If previous drugs can be used together with others to enhance the effect, the popular steroid Trenbolone Enanthate is used exclusively separately. Designed for experienced lifters who previously had used lighter steroids. It has an anabolic effect 5 times higher than testosterone. Trenabol burns fat reserves in the body and helps to build up dry muscle mass. It enanthate increases the level of insulin-like growth factor in the body.

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Ellen Cone