Why A Diet Leads To Failure In Weight Loss

Losing weight is not easy. If it was, less people would struggle with obesity and weight problems. This is also why the diet industry is so successful at preying on individuals desperate for better health – because everyone wants a “quick fix.” Unfortunately, there are no “quick fixes” to weight loss, and it takes a true lifestyle change to attain lasting results.

The Danger of “Deadlines”

The term “diet” is usually associated with terms like, “restriction,” and “calorie-counting,” and usually have a deadline or expiration date. For these reasons, they are not sustainable and any results achieved during the diet almost always disappear once the regimen ends. True health is attained by adopting healthy habits that can be maintained throughout your life, and benefits far more important, but including weight loss, will be experienced and appreciated when you make balanced nutrition and physical activity a regular part of your routine, with no deadline to meet.

A Vicious Cycle

The cycle of dieting, losing weight, ending the diet, re-gaining weight, and repeat is unhealthy and damaging to our bodies. Because diets usually involve cutting out entire food groups or nutrients, they can be very unhealthy and even dangerous to our bodies as we create these deficiencies. In fact, the entire concept of restriction is almost always associated with a feeling of dread, and loss of choice. This perpetuates a cycle of binging once the diet ends, guilt for the binging, beginning a new restrictive diet, binging once the diet ends, etc. that only contributes to unhealthy habits.

Healthy Habits for Weight Loss and More

Diets put the focus on weight loss as the end result, but this creates an unhealthy mentality obsessed with appearance and scale numbers. True health means having healthy, high-functioning body systems. A healthy, balanced diet and regular physical activity does result in weight loss, but that is only a byproduct of so many other, more important benefits. A healthy lifestyle can give you a healthier heart and circulatory system, stronger lungs, more efficient organs, a sharper mind, better sleep, better-managed pain, balanced hormones, and so many other benefits you will learn to appreciate much more than weight loss. Fuel your body with healthy food and supplements, like Xyngular and prioritize physical activity in your daily life, and you will quickly see the difference between these lasting habits and a crash diet.

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May Capobianco