Why Do You Need Health Insurance?

This question is one of the most relevant questions you should ask yourself as early as possible. Why do you need health insurance? Most of us will have this doubt. Whether it is actually worth the pain! We may not need it at all! We might assess things based on the present conditions. We might think, yes! I’m healthy, without any health complications and eats only healthy food in addition to the daily exercises I do! So, there are no chances that I might have any health issues in the future!

But, the future is something unpredictable! Have you ever thought of that? Just because you are healthy now doesn’t guarantee that you will be healthy forever! Also, the environmental pollution, contamination of everything we eat, even vegetables and fruits available in the market all add to the woes! Also, in today’s hustle and bustle of life, who has time to stick to a healthy diet always? Once in a while, all of us do grab a quick junk food snack to satiate the hunger pangs! Also, as we grow old health issues are bound to crop up. With age, health problems also increase. Here are some reasons why you need health insurance:

Health Care Can Be Expensive!

With the rising rates of inflation, the medical bills also keep rising every day. Have you ever considered the expenses of hospitalization? It can be much higher than you could even imagine. The cost of medicines too is on the rise. In case of any critical illness or treatment, unless you are a super-rich personality, you will find cash draining off your bank accounts for sure! Within a matter of a few days, you will be left without even the money to meet your daily needs. Who would want to face such a nightmare? None! This is one of the primary reasons why you need health insurance.

It is advised that you get Health Insurance as soon as possible. Don’t wait for the issues to creep in and don’t wait till you grow old. You might not know when you will need health insurance. Health issues are the uninvited guests who might pop in any moment, any day, at a time you least expect it!

Health Insurance Helps You To Stay Healthy!

There is a common misconception that health insurance is only needed when you are sick. But, in reality, health insurance is much more than that. Many health insurances offer preventive services to take care of your health. It includes regular health check-ups and other screening tests. Regular checkups ensure that you detect a severe illness way before it becomes beyond your control. Even critical illnesses can be fully cured if it is detected in the beginning stages itself. For example, even the most dreaded disease, cancer can be easily remedied if it is detected at an early stage! Hence, health insurance helps you stay healthy and live longer!

Today’s Lifestyle Can Create Huge Impacts!

Admit it or not, the fact is that today’s lifestyle has a lot of harmful impacts on you and me! We are more prone to diseases and health complications all thanks to our lifestyle. The older generation didn’t have to face these many numbers of diseases only because they had a healthier lifestyle and a healthier environment to live. Nowadays, starting from the stressful work atmosphere, loss of sleep over deadlines, busy lifestyles where we often end up eating junk food, increased usage of ready to eat food, contaminations in almost everything right from vegetables to drinking water; health problems hide practically all around us! The rising environmental pollution, cutting of trees and pollution of water also contribute to it. Hence, in today’s fast-paced lifestyle, all of us are more prone to diseases. This makes health insurance a basic necessity for us!


Inconsistency prevails all around us. Nowadays, people having a constant income source are very less. Most of us are employed in private sectors, and the job security is almost nil. Anytime, any day we might fall behind the rat race and get exited! Also, the private sectors don’t offer any retirement benefits or pension to their old employees. Once you step outside the company, they have zero concern for you or your health! In such an inconsistent scenario, health insurance will be your savior in distress, be it for health issues or numerous health-related needs in old age.

Reducing Retirement Ages

In olden days, the retirement age was the late 50s. But, nowadays, in private sectors, the retirement age has dropped down to early 40’s! This goes on reducing and maybe a time will come when the retirement age will be late 30’s! This reducing retirement age poses a considerable risk as we are left without a constant source of income to live the rest of our lives! It can be difficult, and with the rising number of health issues, it becomes even more difficult. This is why health insurance is necessary to live life and meet the health-related expenses without having to ask anyone else!