Why even hormones in an IVF? Is IVF without medication possible?

The hormones are administered with the aim of allowing several oocytes to mature. One benefit of hormonal stimulation is the ability to select the best egg from several later. Also, fertilisation in the test tube does not fertilise every egg. If several eggs are present, this increases the likelihood of having a sufficient number of good quality embryos for later transfer. For this, you need to contact with the top IVF center because this is not a job of inexperienced professionals. The artificial insemination is usually a hormone treatment prepared. There are several reasons why this is occasionally not indicated or not desired by the patient due to possible risks.

Strain from hormones

From the patient’s point of view, hormone treatment is the most substantial part of IVF therapy. Even though today’s hormone supplements tend to be low-dose, overstimulation of the ovaries cannot always be avoided. Also, the daily application of syringes is a burden that can be reduced by new therapy schemes but not completely prevented. Until recently, it could not be ruled out whether the hormone supplements increase the risk of cancer. In the meantime, one can give the full all-clear in this respect that the increased risk of cancer does not exist.

How does IVF work in the natural cycle?

With the help of ultrasound examinations and hormone determinations from the blood, one will determine the time of approaching ovulation. If a mature follicle is present, then ovulation is suppressed with a drug to be administered by syringe. Another injection is necessary to initiate the final maturation steps of the egg. The oocyte is then removed as usual under ultrasound control. A general anaesthetic is not required, low-dose analgesic drugs are usually sufficient. Subsequently, the egg cell is brought together and fertilised analogously to the standard IVF with the sperm. Two days later, the embryo is transferred to the uterus. Yes, the IVF without medications is possible but till a particular stage.

Conclusion: Possible reasons for an IVF

Although the benefits of hormone treatment are obvious regarding success rates, there are several reasons for not using them. In women whose ovaries are poorly responsive to hormone increases, increases in hormone dose are often inappropriate and sometimes even counterproductive. In such cases, very mild stimulation or natural cycle treatment is an alternative cost. Ask your IVF Los Angeles expert right now.  An indispensable prerequisite for a natural cycle IVF is an undisturbed hormone balance with a regular cycle.