Why Is the Difference Between Botox and Plastic Surgery?

If you’re like me and countless others out there, it’s probably safe to assume that when you hear Botox surgery and plastic surgery is the same. Botox surgery which is also known as a cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are much one and the same. While it might seem that way, it’s completely wrong. They’re pretty close when it comes to specialties, but are still different in their own ways.

What’s the different between Botox and plastic surgery?

Botox is used in order to do things such as removing wrinkles from the face and make facial lines disappear. The surgeon inserts a needle just beneath the skin and injects Botox, which in turn will then work in a way that freezes the facial muscles. The end results make the face appear to be smooth and often cause a younger and more youthful appearance. Many people opt for this reason for the price and for the convenience. For those who get Botox injections there’s virtually no recovery time, not nearly the same cost of what plastic surgery would cost and most swelling will disappear relatively fast with instant results.Image result for Why Is the Difference Between Botox and Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery involves a patient being placed under general anesthesia and a possibly a much longer recovery rate depending on the procedure being done. In some cases, such as a face lift, incisions are made in to the face and cut away. Swelling often occurs as with most surgeries which means a longer recovery and more down time. Often times the aftermath of the surgery can be visible for quite a bit longer as well. This is also true of other surgeries that a patient chooses to undergo. These surgeries which are considered invasive are more intrusive to the body and pose much higher health risks.

Not to say that Botox is healthy or that there aren’t as many health risks, but due to the fact that it doesn’t involve cutting in to the body, there are no incisions to be made, no necessity of being put to sleep and no built up scar tissue. A lot of people don’t understand that when it comes to plastic surgery, when you repeatedly cut in to the body, scar tissue builds up to heal itself. However, too much of scar tissue building up can be a bad thing and cause other health issues.

Botox being a much simpler process doesn’t accumulate scar tissue and thus eliminates that risk all together. What’s more is unlike plastic surgery, Botox can be either an in-patient or out-patient procedure. Since you’re not having to worry about paying a surgeon, and other staff members that are involved in a plastic surgery process, bills are much smaller. People are often able to get out and about after a Botox injection, whereas with plastic surgery you may be combined to bed rest and forced under other medical limitations while you heal. Those who’ve opted for plastic surgery are also more at risk for things such as infection in the incision site which isn’t an issue for those who get Botox.

Vernon Connelly