Why is water hugely important for your health?

Water is essential for your body and human body consists of 60% water. It is necessary for your body and keeps the body organs in a perfect working condition. Every cell, molecule, and tissue of your body is water dependent so you should drink water to make them function in an optimum manner. You drink many kinds of beverages in a day such as tea, coffee, sodas, and juices.

But, if you cut all these beverages from your body and drink only water together with balanced diet then your body will function in a better way and you will feel better. Water is a great therapy to live a healthier and a longer life. If you use water as your primary hydration source then you will be surprised to know its positive effects. You can expect many good things to happen to you if you start drinking nothing but water for 30 days minus changing your diet or exercising more.

Boosting mental activity

If you drink only water for just 30 days, the information processing in the brain will become faster than in normal circumstances. The brain’s reaction to the stimuli will be rapid and you will be able to grasp things more quickly. This occurs because the requirement of oxygen for your brain is more and when you drink more water; your brain receives more oxygen. If you drink 8-10 glass of water in a day, your cognitive abilities will enhance by 30%. More water indicates more oxygen and this signifies more brainpower. Water helps to focus and think in a much better way. It can make you a clever, quick, and a keen thinker.

Stronger bones and heart

Water keeps your heart in a healthy condition and it also has the ability to prevent blood from getting thicker. It does not allow the build-up of pressure on the heart and helps in the flow of blood to other body parts. Before going to bed, if you drink a glass of water daily, it can reduce the chance of a heart attack. Water helps blood carry fresh oxygen to your body and if you drink at least five glasses of water daily, it can reduce the chance of a heart attack by almost 40%. In the case of bones, it helps in rebuilding the cartilage of the joints that are shock absorbers at the time of your walking, running or jumping. Water makes the joints flexible and keeps them in a good working condition.

Ellen Cone