Why You Need a Virtual Doctor for Your Company

Through healthier employees and a stronger bottom line, virtual doctors help companies save time and money while providing expert care to their employees. Millions of employees take the day off due to minor illnesses every single day, with companies losing money each time. Most employees leave work due to genuine health concerns, but they do not necessarily need to go to a physical doctor’s facility to receive quality care. Instead, employees can save their company and themselves time by utilising a virtual doctor service throughout the day.

Traditionally, a visit to the doctor required an entire day of calculated scheduling to make happen. First, employees had to call their general practitioner and schedule a convenient appointment time. Often, medical facilities open and close during the same hours many other companies utilise their employees.

While employees suffer the ill effects of their sickness and are forced to stay home from work, they also often have to take an additional day off to see their physician. In the meantime, they receive no payment for the missed days, and their employer loses money, too.

Saved Money

The main reason many companies choose this type of health care benefits for employees is the money they save. If you take a moment to study the numbers, you quickly discover how much money is saved with this option. Annually, companies lose a startling $2 billion AUD on sick days alone. On average, your employees take nearly 6 days off a year due to sickness, which can amass quickly for a company with hundreds of individuals on the payroll.

If you offer your employees a virtual doctor, they can take care of their personal health or medical issue without missing so many work days. Therefore, you can save thousands, even millions, off your annual bottom line.


Speaking to a qualified physician during lunch hour can prove more than a little frustrating, especially when conferences take up a large portion of the afternoon. Virtual doctors ease the problem, allowing employees to speak with a professional via video, phone, or video chat.

Through the virtual doctor option, they can update prescriptions, receive a diagnosis, and more without ever stepping foot inside a physical office. With this convenient opportunity presented to them, employee retention, productivity, and much more increase across the board. As a company, you can dramatically increase your company’s productivity over time.

Whether from the office or their home, your employees enjoy ready access to the same highly trained professionals found at traditional locations. Each time these men and women avoid leaving their work to attend an appointment, they save you hundreds of AUD. In addition, they also save their own money, because they do not have to use petrol to drive to a facility, lose a day of work, or put wear and tear on their vehicles. At the end of the day, employees and their employers save time, money, and more by utilising this revolutionary option.