Will Hair Restoration Provide Me With Natural Results?

Hair restoration is a safe and effective way to regain a fuller head of hair but one concern that many people have is whether or not the results will look natural.

Everyone should approach hair transplants with us much information as possible, which is what this article aims to do.

Hair Transplants: Who is an Ideal Candidate?

FUE and FUT are the two main hair restoration methods used at hair loss clinics today but not everyone is an ideal candidate for these procedures.

Obviously, the best way to determine whether you’re an ideal candidate for a hair transplant is to meet with a hair loss specialist at a reputable clinic.

However, to give you a general idea before your consultation, an ideal hair transplant candidate is someone who is losing their hair at the top and front of their scalp but still has thicker hair at the back and sides of their scalp.

Hair transplantation can produce some amazing results but if there is not enough donor hair available, natural results can’t be produced.

With this being said, patients who have just started losing their hair are not always ideal candidates either. This is because the hair loss pattern is unpredictable during the early stages so it’s not a good idea to schedule transplantation too early.

Is There a Way to Ensure Natural Results?

The first step in ensuring that you achieve the most natural results possible is making sure that you’re the ideal candidate for a hair transplant, which is why an in-person consultation with a specialist is a must. If you are after a top quality hair system, doing your research to find the right hair loss clinic is also a must.

During your consultation, your specialist will analyse your scalp as well as your medical history to determine the cause of your hair loss as well as the best course of action. If it’s determined that a transplant is your best option, your procedure will be scheduled and the entire process will be explained to you.

When researching hair loss clinics in your area, make a point of finding out more about the doctor and staff that will be involved in your surgery and where it will be performed. The qualifications and experience of your medical team are incredibly important, as is the quality of the clinic’s facilities.

In terms of which hair restoration method to go with, follicular unit extraction is the most popular because it produces the most natural results, leaves minimal scarring and offers a shorter recovery period.

Are There Any Other Hair Restoration Options?

If it’s determined that you’re not an ideal candidate for a hair transplant, platelet-rich plasma therapy is another option that can provide natural results and is worth pursuing. Basically, growth factors are extracted from your blood and injected into the scalp to promote healthy cellular activity, which will hopefully encourage hair growth.

Again, you would need to speak to a hair loss specialist about this option and whether it could provide you with results.